Hold My Intrigue

There is a quiet release when lost

everything we touch seems to have a purpose

yet we cannot figure out why

we have been the reason to know

even though

we’re becoming familiar with the frost.


The sky is very dark today

darkened by this sacred epiphany

of what is reality

how does our fantasy

play a role in how we roll

on any given day.


I’ve watched the sky in tears all day

the streets running with her fears

the avenues clustered and phobic

with so much moisture

we can’t find a way to keep


shy of the sky her rage.


I walked in silence today

still knowing

the quiet holds my intrigue.

This Quiet Rain

I can feel this rain today,

a misty horizon,

sorting out a state of mind,

enveloped in a fog,

a sweet reminder

of the quiet elegance of

a sky experiencing the blues.


Last couple of days,

watched my world change,

the impact of love

becoming more intellectualized,

yet that physicality

trying to hold on

while navigating an outpouring.


Sweet sound of water hitting the pavement,

feet are soaked in puddles

that suggest some romanticized reality

of the weather torn man

trying someway to wonder

just how

these rains ever became

as beautiful as her eyes.


These are the quiet rains

Lost Inside My Dreams

I would try to be clever in the moment,

with every step I will take a quiet lament.


For while she was sleeping, I pondered beauty

in silent eyes, and parted lips, sighs plenty.


In my hands her hair would fall soft to touch

I found it easy to recognize love is this much.


When eyes her look would find me there

waiting awake, soft sweet sensuality near


Sounds of a symphony nearby, I might sigh

knowing such beauty would have me cry.


For only future would be a pause, for this is now

arms entwined, a passionate plea we somehow


Wanted to stay here forever, if only ourselves

were all that was needed in how love delves.


Oh to know the beauty of time, the elixir is love

when found to compel a reckoning from above.



Quiet Speak

In silence

did lives exist

seperate moon glance

would forever

draw lives within

certain hope

a memory he

haunted her psyche.


Though she now

he thought

lay with eyes glance

counting bubbles

in a formatted ceiling

a symbolic reality

his life

her reality


under the crescent moon


In The Moment

We did suddenly


eyes smiling

watched the world outside


we did feel this presence

asking hearts


both knowing


wondering then

would we

should this

can we now return

might, maybe

take a chance

what happens when a dream

becomes a sudden reality

we want


hold promise

wander into a quiet


of just how beautiful

the moment


become again

pause …

sweet memory

would we wish