NSFW – Adults Only Please – My goal with this page constantly evolves – there was a time when all I wanted was to pique a woman's interest in the hope we connect through writing, dialogue … today, with all of the wonderful inspiration I've received, my need is to further my respect and intrigue in the sensual nature of 'woman' in all of her grace and elegance. I do hope you might enjoy!


In Love’s Sweet Silence

We do in bold form express our truth,

in eyes we search,

lips we touch with certain youth,

the nature of our time together is love.


It is in the moment we try to define,

well beyond the physical desires,

we know there is a certain muse

in our quiet interactions after words.


I speak to your elegance,

and might my eyes light up

to the expression of reassurance you provide,

when showering me with peace of mind.


I would for it is that desire to know,

a thousand sunrises,

the time it would take

to in such eternal light express my love.


Oh to have you by my side always,

the tear is in such reality of course

a beautiful reminder of a solemnity,

that truly your love lives in my soul.

I Have This Photograph

She brings me in the room,

with just a photograph,

soft hand,

a rest upon a shoulder.


I can touch her lips as if I am with her

having known that moment,

when tracing my fingertips along naked …

I do recall opening eyes to notice hers,

watching me, waiting, anticipating,

a smile as I might accept her way,

to find, to know, to need this want of passion

is her.


I do remember,

the silence in beauty,

when two people might share desire,

to wander in anticipation,

to find her



I do glance now, relive, a picture,

and am grateful to know the image,

remains consistent …

certain elegance.

There Are These Times

When all I can do is wait,

even though the measure of an hour,

drifts past the minutes climbing walls,

I never do find the ledge,

the place where a sunrise could lead me further,

instead, I hang against the cold concrete,

always a shallow recess for me to lean against.


There is one girl, really more a woman,

certainly the elegance I suggest is inherent

in just how special her look, her eyes, smile,

just how beautiful she is

would be to describe that nirvana,

the other side of reality.


Inside a dream is her grace,

special, soft, sweet, in kind,

she will smile away the mortar,

the wall that crumbles,

so that when the dust does settle,

will she be standing nearby,

to hold up a passage way,

a certain delicious light,

the sort we might wish upon

in our wildest fantasy.


Would we if possible

step away from the fear,

and embrace our delight,

knowing there is a certain wonder

in the quiet serenity,

that privacy,

we seek within our soul.

In Definition

There is something beautiful about the word,

When found in the throes of an energy bound,

We wonder sometimes if it might feel absurd,

When suddenly our hearts sense love is around.


Perhaps in first light we might the skeptic told

Imagine initial sparks only a lovely distraction

Yet when further our energy increasingly bold,

We are certain to know this a chosen direction.


Throughout a delicate mania of quiet caress

Welcome a travel beyond our wildest dreams,

When in privacy of mind, sensuality  address

A compliment of beauty is elegance seems.


When love is real, we willing allow entrance,

Inside might our lives enhance sweet chance.

Quiet Screams

It’s when in a moment, my world suddenly shifts,

when a word, a possibility, a delight suddenly leaves


we’re left to fend for ourselves, the dignity drifts,

we try to imagine a holistic realization receives


precedent, a strength beyond my world,

where watching her dance my head twirled.


I miss the sudden grip of my body and her kiss,

the moment when all else is put aside, nothing amiss,


I wonder about her, and where she might be tonight,

I picture situations, scenarios I’d rather not see,


and yet, whom am I to imagine anything more than me,

how selfish to believe my precedent overrules her needs.


I’d love to have you with me now, I’d hold you,

my kiss would last forever, I’d want you to find my eyes.

When Lives Live Separate Realities

We didn’t plan this,

words familiar to the ideal,

two lives in separate worlds,

a correspondence, a fire,

a reasonable time to remember,

is all we suddenly recall,

when tonight, we wander,

separate minds in a similar spell.


Fantasy alone brings wild results,

a yearn for reality

make allowance for time,

a touch, a soft gentle caress,

a swift imagination would become,

that certain urgency to know,

to feel eyes upon eyes,

lips to taste the nectar

a careful abandon,

is love.


When last I held you close,

we did a passionate dance,

your breath heavy, gasps apparent,

did we play the night for the longer minutes,

when both our bodies felt the need,

to find more time.

We would with just a trace,

skin alive in a sudden fury,

could we travel the miles

in caution a moan, might my desire

ever seek taste in the serene atmosphere,

of only your sweet sensuality.


We can each time reinvent

finding center

finding together,

in the privacy of our trepidation,

open doors to wander,

inside the lives

where in a delicious motion,

our bodies, our needs, do meet,

do reach levels.

While Watching Sunsets

I do recall the days,

when in an instance,

the reflection,

a sky of amber, burnt orange,

waves of cirrus setting suns,

in that moment,

would she come to mind,

a walk,

a quiet landscape around our lives,

holding truth inside a dream,

one that mingled our reality.


I know she is nearby,

with me,

standing close,

her eyes a sweet song

in the late afternoon light,

our hands touch, it begins,

this certain response,

bodies that wish to intertwine,

to dance along one another

in a delightful rendezvous,

plays melody with our passion.


Tonight, another sunset,

I count on the spirit of her grace,

is with me always,

sweet sunset provides this energy,

a wanton need to find a lovely


a provision allows the delight,

her sensuality,

keeps me watching sunsets.

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