I would like to be a writer. I began this site with amorous intentions, and over the course of time, I hope to have evolved as a male in an ever changing society that is today, recognizing the true beauty and elegance of woman. I am also into writing poetry. Come along for the ride.

Good Morning Eyes

If I close my eyes, travel I will

across horizons to a visual sea

nearby sunlight will let me see

beauty rise in eyes so still


her world around is asleep while

notions perhaps beg for response

lying within her own personal chance,

a mystique in sensuality will while


away morning minutes, where all

measure is beauty in her space,

in manner of delight, sweet pace;

whispers across ceilings so tall


makes allowance for her senses.

Awaken to a cool morning sunrise,

sweet golden skin accentuates eyes

closed to enhance her stir, gasps intense …


safe, secure with only quiet release

offers elegance, her own form in peace.

Please, your words are ever so appreciated ...

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