I would like to be a writer. I began this site with amorous intentions, and over the course of time, I hope to have evolved as a male in an ever changing society that is today, recognizing the true beauty and elegance of woman. I am also into writing poetry. Come along for the ride.

A Quiet

What is that satisfaction holds promise,

When two people in love await their passion.


Inside a world of routine harmony he does

With vigorous desire imagine her world as now.


Wonder is the fuel of our own fantasy play

In concerto the vibrant ecstatic natural order.


We fall into each other’s arms in harmony

While the world around continues its mechanic


Would that the simple nature of personal want

Become the catalyst toward my understanding love.


Comes now the yearn in nature to protect

That which true to our heart gives us reason


Move forward in the light of day to know there

Will be some measure of time to enhance her eyes.


It is my passion to compel that which I know,

Amidst the confusion of what is real where I shall go.


I do have soft visions of her, you, we are together,

And love is an answer to this will to recognize beauty.

Please, your words are ever so appreciated ...

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