I would like to be a writer. I began this site with amorous intentions, and over the course of time, I hope to have evolved as a male in an ever changing society that is today, recognizing the true beauty and elegance of woman. I am also into writing poetry. Come along for the ride.

In Love’s Harmony

We smile,

eyes caress the world we dream,

the harmony of a drawn energy,

a landscape, a canvas, a naked model,

wherever love might land,

when felt when known when imagined,

the sensory delight is a memory.


Yet so much more exists beyond fantasy,

when having held onto truth

we wipe away tears, only if sadness remains,

the joy of knowing love, knowing you can love,

knowing there is an energy delicious with compassion.


When we can allow ourselves to hold true the spiritual mystique,

is it all we need, or desire, or want … or is it ‘real’

Please, your words are ever so appreciated ...

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