NSFW – Adults Only Please – My goal with this page constantly evolves – there was a time when all I wanted was to pique a woman's interest in the hope we connect through writing, dialogue … today, with all of the wonderful inspiration I've received, my need is to further my respect and intrigue in the sensual nature of 'woman' in all of her grace and elegance. I do hope you might enjoy!

Stepping Away

For awhile,

He did take a walk,

outside along icy roads,

careful in follow his talk,

of understanding,

giving peace,

recognizing time,

a frown when caught alone.

Oh he did think of her,

sweet smile always a single most


a thoughtful recall of eyes that did look for him.

He wondered often if how he could,

might he possibly find a way,

to know her own response, reaction, recall,

of his eyes, did she know he did in curious notion,

always want to know her own methods.


He used to at one time imagine she were leaving,

a quiet departure, always with tears,

yet still a purposeful journey to know another side,

to resolve that confusion,

that when they met together,

lips or eyes upon eyes,

she and he would fall in love all over again.


He wondered if that was fair of him.

Please, your words are ever so appreciated ...

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