I would like to be a writer. I began this site with amorous intentions, and over the course of time, I hope to have evolved as a male in an ever changing society that is today, recognizing the true beauty and elegance of woman. My words and notions will I hope respond in poetic verse of many genre and style. Come along and please share your ideas and insights. Thank you for your visit.

A Valium Haze

Easier this way,

a silent low

wishful in some secondary manner

allows the primary

to forget just where reality belongs.


Oh to have that passage,

the one where

all worry, concern or reason

would suddenly matter

not at all.


Too far beyond the norm

to have to wonder

any more

if there were reason to ever want

to belong with …


She is the beauty in his mind,

as the haze will eventually,

leave no remind

beyond the initial recall

fade to black.




Please, your words are ever so appreciated ...

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