A Whisper Seeker

I will close my eyes,

imagine her reality

would then shine

if only for a moment

whisper – a soft note


When might my open

heart find her sweet smile

the offering of a quiet

reality break the spell

of this my uncertainty.


I remain the seeker,

always in the ready,

wishful in calm yearn,

hopeful in his desire,

she might, he will.


Whisper in my soul,

the deepest recall

is the easiest manner

of this his daily fall,

cradled in truth.


I would in this silent gasp

dream forever a lover’s clasp

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I am a writer. I've always wanted to write intriguing words. Don't we all. Aren't we all wanting to be experts in the language of love, sensuality, desire, provocative notions? Well, I'm giving it a try. Join me if you'd like, and please share any feedback you think would help my adventure :)

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