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a note on writing

Since I began this blog several years ago – along with a few name changes – I have often discovered a point of no return. Inside these pages I have been able to explore parts of myself that I can seemingly keep in a modicum of discretion. They are my thoughts, my worries, my fascination, my love, my pain, my anxiety. Essentially my words in here have become my own.

Occasionally, I do have fleeting notions of the personal nature of my words. And very often have I had to reevaluate how I am using my words and for what is there purpose. I would kindly say the majority of my words have been meant for my muse, a light in my life that takes me to places I have never been, or if I had been, quickly they have succumbed to the very mechanical nature of my living life. Rather than be sequestered as the right thing to do, this muse has allowed me to flourish.

Time has a frightening way of suggesting change. In such fashion did I decide I might take a break from my words here. However, it has become difficult to go through my day without using this blog to express what I feel, and rather than stifle that, which is something I think I did for nearly a decade, I will only continue to use it as an outlet for my emotions and thinking and hopes as they apply to who I am as a writer, a person, a man, a human being.

There is no question the reason I began this blog is to espouse upon what I believe to be the beauty of woman. I’m a fairly sane and typical man, with typical feelings that are sometimes more provocative than is healthy for my heart, but that being said, I have never once lost an undying respect for ‘woman’ the central focus of my writings.

Certainly in the beginning I wrote with the zeal of a teenage boy being allowed to map his hormonal destiny in the words created with inspiration. Today, I am still that boy locked inside the body of an elder man, who anticipates decades of introspection ahead. Along the way, I do wish to be a good man, one that people, everyone, including my muse, will love as much as I do them.

So, my ‘taking a break’ lasted less than 24 hours. So be it, I’m lost without expression. Thank you for listening.

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