For She Would Wonder


For she would wonder, she might

a posture in elegance, a wander

in speculation,

an anxiety seldom revealed

yet in a quiet posture,

still the serene loveliness of

a woman in pose.


Oh to know such beauty,

this man did wild

in her arms become beyond

himself, she did

give him trials of delight

that would shape his being,


… and now he is left in fragments

always to hold fast to a memory,

a surreal landscape

with the lines of such is

the outline of only

her abundance in showing

the world

her still life

would be his forever


Alberto Giacometti – Swiss 1901 – 1966

Annette 1950

The William S. Paley Collection

-for Zelda-

©ta 2018


~just finding my way, a personal journey~