Always In The Lyrics

Too easy to be anywhere

a song, a melody

a lyric

the steady beat, a rhythm,

seems to be speaking to

just me.

I feel alone in this world,

watching the wheels turn,

yet no longer having a grasp,

simply missing,

always looking beyond

just where I am in the moment,

wondering, wander is the soul

when detached from the heartache of love.


I want to let her go,

and I must,

at least the words would suggest such,


moments like these

a song, a melody

a lyric

will then in that split second

bring back …


Your smile,

your peace,

the lovely nature of whom you  are,

those soft moments,

those inspirational gasps

of certainty,

the moment I do look in your eyes,

I’m lost in my own personal ocean

of love

Inspired by the lyrics of Colbie Caillat – ‘Tied Down’


~ just finding my way, a personal journey ~

–   for Zelda