A Path In The Road

He said it well when struggling to know

‘two roads diverged in the wood’*

and then we found ourselves

standing alone again.


We walked a path together

hands held, looking ahead

not knowing where just

feeling the crisp spring air.


Stood on a river bank,

sat in the dried mud,

our elbows propped so

we could feel shoulders,


smiles in recognizing the

fisherman across the river,

his dog bounding nearby,

wondering if he might see us;


I remember I didn’t mind,

because I was with her,

and no one could ever

take away a moment in the sun.


With the one I love,

I remember wanting the hours

forever, to keep our hearts

warm with the passion of day.


This one day, there were many

this way, where we could walk

in the sight of day, and love

one another until the stars …


It was then we began to know the night

sky would beckon our realities home.

*Robert Frost – The Road Not Taken

~ finding my way, a personal journey ~