Sometimes, When I Cannot Think

I walk in a circle

without ever leaving my mind,

the world around me,


only me wandering

inside this place,

this bit of evil

that would suggest

I will fail

no matter the energy,

the positive source of beauty,

no matter the realm of distance

between my self and my future.


It is a quiet torment,

the reality of certain disappointment

when coming to terms

with that simplicity

we blame upon

the human condition.


We are taught to understand

failure in frivolous fortune,

the sediment of our mind,

showing only the deprecating outcome

of shielded fury,

the sort of reckoning

occurs when one is faced with a fate

they might never believe

could happen in their lifetime.


Then we are told to live on,

get over the edge of sorrow

realize another day,

welcome a new horizon,

as we drive toward a full moon,

we are asked to forget our past.


Sometimes, when I am left to imagine

I cannot think beyond the tears.

~ finding my way, a personal journey ~