my life took a turn

When she arrived in my life, our lives,

a world was opening,

a catharsis perhaps suggesting

the need for a friend.


Our children were at that age,

you know the time,

when smiles are rampant,

when heavy sighs are those of

complete satisfaction.

when eyes bright held fascination

in a furry delight scrambling in their arms.


We began a journey together,

the early days of soft leather destruction,

pee spots and tootsie rolls

belonging outdoors,

but none of that mattered because

a teething little monster was love.


This morning, a family pet, a golden

reached her moment just before noon,

her eyes remained open while her

life took a sabbatical,

we were left to let our tears flow

to remember the memory of a wonderful friend.


Today my life took a turn,

the lives of those around me were altered,

we all became a little more sad, while we waited

for the happiness in memory to return.


We all became a little more sad, we wanted

to land somewhere, yet, the eery presence of the moon

spoke to the helpless nature of our lives,

the human condition in all of its mystique.


I miss her tonight, I miss her so much, tonight.

I miss a lot of the world without her in the moonlight.

~ finding my way, a personal journey ~