When Love Consumes

We forget where it is we begin,

we can be traveling down the road,

a familiar song,

that melody I listened to when I was 17

and all I needed was a good lyric

to believe the compassion

I might be feeling in the moment.


I could often times feel so in love with

the idea

of being in love,

knowing I would give my heart to her,

or was it simply I wanted that touch,

that feeling of knowing

I was perhaps the one being loved.


I find it funny now when I think about

all the energy I spent

trying to find her,

and never really believing I would,

until over time,

I discovered there was nothing in between …

either I was completely lost in her eyes,

or this was simply a fantasy.


The former seemed safe, I could go forward

knowing again that someone, this one,

she did love me,

she told me so on so many occasions

and I believed her

because I did love her too.

I don’t think I could have let myself be convinced

if I did not give myself completely to her.


Yet somewhere down the road, I became consumed

and I forgot to lend her a hand to come along in my eyes.

~ finding my way, a personal journey ~

– for Zelda