Whispers In Moonlight


I didn’t want to wonder,

so I wrote you a letter,

and yet, even in the quiet autumn rain,

I knew the answers wouldn’t matter.


She’d ask me about fantasy,

wanted to know what was real

what matters, when might we feel

worthy of some sweet serenity.


Last night the sky was clear

except for the soft clouds drifting near,

a full moon a beckoning light,

until she felt the veil of her shadow.


I remember when I was a child,

some movie, maybe a fairy tale,

suggestive of a cloud covered moon,

there is sadness in feeling so alone.


I stood outside tonight in the tears

of a fall sky turning to winter,

I could feel the numbness of a frozen

state of mind, swept in an icy horizon.


Whispers in moonlight would always be a song

for this is a silence inside I will forever long.

~ finding my way, a personal journey ~

for Zelda