In The Light Of The Moon

Tonight, the seasons change,

we begin an ascent of waking minds

the cool air of wintertime

will wane in the coming weeks

mindsets might shift

within the scope of fresh intrigue


The heat of the sun

reminds us all of our own passions

laying in naked rays of summertime

we all remember a sweeter time

now with age

just memory

fond nostalgia

takes us to a place we no longer see

except the occasional drive by sea.


Tonight, stand in the moon light

reflect upon the beauty of our time

for it is then we did once

know the wonder of sweet harmony

so it will be tonight I will wonder

in my wandering mind as I stare at the moon

will she ever know

could we ever move beyond

that which we will always know …


Would the moonlight in its delicious state

bring together soul and heart might only relate

~ finding my way, a personal journey ~