Stepping In Front of Buses

It happens,

people don’t plan it,

don’t even imagine

the possibility

of being hit by a bus.


Think about the metaphor

a train, a subway, an 18 wheeler

each one a massive

expedition of extreme power,

capable of changing lives.


can you visualize an instant

when suddenly everything

you believed just a second before


dramatically with no altering solution.


she, he, they, all of them together

stepped in front of the bus

bodies tossed

with little regard for landing,

only the reality of lifeless endings


I remember when I was a kid

her name was Mary,

apparently with her dogs

both of them lost as well,

she caught between two trains


We all grieve those we love

we need to realize their moments

of love and endearment

are meant as signature compliments

to their lives being a part of our own.

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