The Blonde Quill

Dare to Dream. Live to Love.

Timeless Classics

Poetry and Prose by Ana Daksina





Ebony and Crows

A dark spill of worlds and words

Marriage Ideas

How to organize an unbelievable marriage

River of Word Flow

Rhymes and Reasons

Writer, Poet

© Scott F Savage

The Broken Inside of Me

Secrets, Betrayal, Romance & Love, combined are the pieces of me

Drop The Guilt and Humanize

Evie's Views

Writing & Image

Phrygian Slip

Can you prove to me that you exist?


Book Reviews and Writing Tips

Life Seems

The Mystery, Motivation and Mastery of Life

Light Play ~ Revitalize

we are fish that play in a sea of light


Let your soul burn a flame in this world. Be damned to make a difference. ~ Jenna Noel~

Show You Me

"...Then you stand still and I'll show you me like you never knew." I love to lose myself in words and hope that someone else will discover those words and in a way discover me, the me I keep hidden from the world. (Oh yeah, the first part of that is a song lyric from my favorite songwriter/musician. Crediting him would probably give away my identity.

the Author of beauty

"If through delight in the beauty of these things men assumed them to be gods, let them know how much better than these is their Lord, for the author of beauty created them" Wisdom of Solomon 13:3

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