An Emotional Day

Speaking to strangers in a private world

perhaps an overstatement

while lost inside a delusional affair.


This one day while standing rather alone

watched a dream enter the room

thought beyond the moment, a fantasy.


See there begins this rather sordid mystique

hers is visual wonder in his

therefore, words may be shared, understood.


Yet, then the eyes, the smile, the eyes speak

a certain passionate appeal,

he says yes, he says now, he speaks truth


Cut to the chase she says without a beat,

and he is lost for the day,

now in desperation he recalls that day.


Sweet wonder in the quiet description

of her fall evening in a window

listen to the nature of her life around her


the years we listen, we speak, we love

are inside a sudden memory,

when life returns with a silent reality.


So wonder is in a design of sweet serenity,

the loveliness of such is a passion

inside an emotional day we find sweet peace.

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