When Friends Come Out Of The Darkness

I just got a text from a friend, he simply gave me a positive word. There are times when simple support comes unexpectedly. I didn’t ask him for anything, he just chose to send me a note and it left me in tears. I’m totally aware of my emotions lately, it has been a rough road.

I injured myself around a month ago, and am nearly recovered but it turned my world upside down – left me alone at a time when I needed some way to feel good about my life. I was on narcotics for a couple of weeks and said some pretty stupid things, and then overstepped my needs until finally coming out of a fog and realizing the losses I had just created for myself.

So today I’m reevaluating – moving beyond the lovely enticement of my words here and instead trying to wrap my head around who I am and why I like words, and what I want to do with them. I find myself still trying to fix things, and then realizing there are so many things to fix, some that I will never repair, and some I have no desire to repair. These are situations in my real life, not this online world.

I appreciate all of my readers because so many of you are passionate and caring people and what I do here the next few weeks, months will be to help move myself in the  right positive direction keeping an open journal for readership. There is not one of you that has to read these words, simply move along if you are not interested.

For me, this begins my healing … a long process that while in the midst of it, I will continue to hold the love that is in my heart, and will feel no need to diminish the passion people to bring to my life. I do certainly appreciate the beauty of love. It is real.

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