I Still Wait

morning light

silent flight

streaming mind

sadly drawn rewind

lives apart

play a part

known reaction

kind connection

fearful resign

beckons we are fine

yet we are not

well one

wishes two

a solo endeavor

will follow

a bird song swallow

will always plead

may she exceed

social punity

natural beauty

oh to endure the night …

always here, mourning light.

I Have This Life

Choose to think about what we do

Imagine the beauty inside

a world where reservations decide

how this lovely world turns so blue


Our hearts aligned with a summer day

familiar walks, smiles, intriguing eyes

Would life speak to passions until we die,

certainly not at all this seeming way.


So today again we find no reflection

only the pain of knowing our lives are one

yet we cannot appreciate the rising son

as quiet silence remains a decision.


Love is a matter of time and energy

I chose to not deliver this our elegy.



I don’t want to write anything new

When I was alive

my passion could

in a word

well it might thrive

in the eyes

in the wise

in the matter of love.


When something occurred

a someone

she is not simply a notion

a lovely

a mystique

fascinating in eyes

stole my heart.


When I was alive

each moment,

every step,

a glance

each time I might say hello,

I could write a word.


I don’t want to go away,

I do wish to embark

I need no sojourn

to understand

right here is where I am

out here forever

I’ll wait


I’ll write nothing new

to help me forget

this fascinating response

to knowing my

heart does carry my soul

in the hands of

a sweet,

an everlasting


Walking Into The Light

She was waiting for my glance

when in the Eastern sky,

a greeting,

a quiet diamond in the evening haze

suggestive in a surreal stare

there’s something out here she said,

a remember, a recall, a remind

she will always appear

when in the moment

we want to imagine a visual


to feeling her

just nearby

almost filled

light the night sky,

so my tears

will glisten

her brilliance

like her evening star.