A Wish For Passion


If once might be


Would we, might you,

Could this be

A sweet reminder

Once removed

When love did center

Our minds

Beyond the silent rhetoric

Of righteous indignation.


Oh to have the passion

Of her spirit,

My hands filled with the desire

Inside the touch

When fires could ignite

A natural consequence

Her mystique

My eyes, your eyes


Only you.


I have this wish for now,

To hold you in my arms

To feel winter’s edge

Surround our heart,

So we might

We might

We would, could

Survive the arctic chill,

To warm our heart,

Inside the spirit-driven

Love in our soul.


~ finding my way, a personal journey –

Sun Shine Afternoon

I wonder, remember, imagine,

want to know her,

what is the reaction she is having on such is this

a wonderful sunny afternoon,

the energy he feels

so often shared in brief moments of passion,

the icy nature of winter’s breeze

softened by the touch of her

sweet mystique

his cheek

melting as the center of his world

begins a subtle ignite,

as in his own desire,

a certain hope

her fire within

might match the heat

the morning sunlight provide

letting the licks of love

slide deep into this afternoon salad.

~ finding my way, a personal journey ~

for Zelda

Empty Spaces

Walking inside a dream

a certain figure inside she is crying

her shadow draws him

convinced she is who he believes.


I found a picture this morning,

walked inside the room

could recall the happy smiles

couldn’t help but cry again.


She spoke of wanting freedom,

I didn’t fit any longer

her words in letters spoke of love

in reality I spoke too soon.


These are the empty spaces today

Those were the memories we made.

~ finding my way, a personal journey ~

-for Zelda

I Thought I Was Over You

I did,

I imagined I might handle time,

I could see the light,

the tunnel of despair


letting me begin to seek

the other side.


I really did,

listen to me my blathering,

I figured upon,

letting go of hope,

and then I might see

the other side.


I remember so many hours

of relentless wish

to stay here,

leave me alone,

let my walls become

our security

this piece of parcel

being now a shredded remedy

to the ever increasing


while realizing despair

would always be my personal


the other side.


I wouldn’t wish to ever leave you

could I always imagine

being with you, then, on

the other side.

~ finding my way, a personal journey ~

I Wish For Certainty

Life would be easy,

if when a gasp,

we might choose the next breath,

the wind our motor

to vehicle our lives beyond this



reality whereby the time alone,

leaves such an ill-fated



Oh my, such a mouthful of


said the optimist

to the cynic

rolling down the damp pavement

of their own personal


realizing only now,

there would be less time

to appreciate the evolution

of the seasons,

these our own natural


that mark assured existence,

our reality.


Oh for now,

hop back on the train,

for the human carnivore

our societal ills,

the places we go,

the times we recall,

will only be faint memories,

the years travel by,

and one day,

that gasp we became so dependent upon,

will reach for

another sky.

~ finding my way, a personal journey ~

This Way – (audio)


In a quiet state

I sit alone

hear the raindrops outside

dancing across autumn leaves

the damp texture

of an autumn day.


I sit alone

wondering just

how long can my life

go on leading this seeming



I sit alone

hoping some gesture

some meaning

beyond our own

human compassion

some reality that


take me away


I sit alone

I watch the skies darken

I think of just how possible it is to be

this way.

~ finding my way, a personal journey ~

Rainy Days

A compelling desire

to embrace the mystique of a rainy day.


watching the rains

watching the rains


We have memoirs in our mind,

the searing spiral of time

when if we stop for a moment

feel nature’s mist on our skin

brings us to a soft

sweet shower

when we might know again

there is truth

inside the beauty of love.


watching the rains

watching the rains


Watching droplets glance pavement

imagining somber days while

the windows transform to a quiet refuge

wishing her arms would be in my own

the two of us in discreet embrace


watching the rains

watching the rains


there is a certain beauty in the cause of love

when lost in ourselves

allowing time to no longer matter

except this moment,

when eyes do search, feelings surge

toward some urgency

our natural desires do drive our passions


watching the rains

watching the rains


watching the rains in a surreal romance

~ finding my way, a personal journey ~

– for Zelda

Though Shorter Days Compel

The days were longer when

we stood in line with eager eyes

watching the sunlight fade

into summer wane.


Once in a blue moon

we might say

if standing on a hilltop

we could look each other’s way.


The days are shorter now,

the time in between

will be longer still,

our hearts might mend.


Yet in the scheme of things,

love remarks strong, this everything.

~ finding my way, a personal journey ~

I Remember

The first time

she giggled and I blushed


I remember the heat on the

back of my neck

when I realized

she could see my


was about her.

expressive eyes.


I remember wanting

all of my words

to move her,

let her decide

if I was worth her


or a passing fantasy.


We would walk in woods

together in hand

imagining only the

real where we stood

in wonder.


I remember glancing

at moons

where by then

she brought me in her backyard

with the sounds in a nighttime sky

outside her

bedroom window.


There have been


those moments

when s full moon

will let me feel her

by my side.


I remember wishing every memory

I have with her remain only our own.


~ finding my way, a personal journey ~

– for Zelda



Sweet Sensuality

safe distance


an emotional


hallucinogen …

played valid tricks

upon wakeful dream

we did

wonder each other

wander inside our muse

our silent mystique

a life is eternal

in a quiet legacy

sweet sensuality

safe distance


~  finding my way, a personal journey ~