NSFW – Adults Only Please – My goal with this page constantly evolves – there was a time when all I wanted was to pique a woman's interest in the hope we connect through writing, dialogue … today, with all of the wonderful inspiration I've received, my need is to further my respect and intrigue in the sensual nature of 'woman' in all of her grace and elegance. I do hope you might enjoy!


Muse Appeal

Its actually the way she does,

when he falters,

she manages to find the right words,

he is the constant skeptic,

always believing that this might be the case,

and then the sun rises again,

she is radiant in her peace,

he humbled by the virtue she displays,

and yet,

she has to wonder if that is enough,

or will he walk toward her enchantment again,

always seeking,


with little regard for anything else around him,

only a certain energy,

he does desire her words, eyes, voice,


if everything might be so simple,

then his constant musings,

could be quelled

long enough for his muse to be able to freely,

breathe …


That piece of life where no definition allows

the soul a bit of peace, a chance to breathe,

when every atom of our lives,

seems relevant, at hand, tearing apart our lives,

when every word, thought, notion, hope

seems driven by another agenda,

even the keep of our sanity cannot easily ascertain,

yet we stumble forward

always trying, always suggesting, always believing,

what we say to be true.


If only when these moments arrive,

the human condition,

well my idiocy in general, my need to know,

my penchant for having to have the solution,

if only then,

I might simply,

quiet …

A Silent Yearn

I cannot share what I feel,

only know I can find comfort

when we,

time allows our lives to find balance.


In the scheme of things,

no one would understand,

yet somehow,

when the words are put aside, we smile.


Oh, to feel your touch, your skin,

your sweet twirl on the back of my neck,

to reach and touch your cheek,

to know you feel me now is my peace.


It is this – we – our travels,

so special in a distant harmony

defined only in our hearts,

a comfort that we might share.



Promises, Yet

I want to let my tears flow,

then I might understand just the distance

I have traveled since

we did, since we began,

since another time years ago,

I felt her presence,

and she did mine,

and we together read all the signals wrong.


So now its afternoon ambiance,

the time when I look through slats to the outdoors,

see the sun shining inside,

and yet,

there is no desire to move,

if I cannot feel her next to me,

I at least desire the possibility,

when that is gone,

i have nothing left to remain.


I listen, feel the music, it will ask me,

to cry,

I will because it is the only thing,

I want to do now in this moment,

nothing else could take away,

this pain.


Yet, promises were made,

I’m lost inside a shadow,

looking for a place to rest,

a rainy day over sunlight’s trade.

When While This Way

I wonder the fragrance of her hair,

when nestled in her shoulder, lips touch skin,

Let me breathe in your sense

before you leave me forever.

For it is that permanence

occurs every time I say good bye

to her.

Today I have been watching time

wishing only some sign,

an indication that tells me I am not crazy,

that this is real,

the ache I feel is the response to losing her.


I wanted summer to be alive with love,

a shower of affection like a late summer rain,

the two of us, soaked linens, laughing,

kissing each other in the constance

of a watery memory,

the times we would together,

flatter each other

with a certain elusive desire.


Yet it is today I stand


I wonder how much longer she can

let my need to share sensual dreams

with her,

her being by my side,

the scent of her,

lovely elegance,

stays in my mind,



I am afraid I am not him.

I am afraid I am this

I am an enigma,

the opportunity in issue

preoccupy your mind

If only some quiet release,

some manner for you to feel at peace.

I am afraid,

so when you wake in the morning,

you won’t find me anymore,


you’ll need ..,

I am afraid,

I will never be.

Because You Are

Because you are my dream,

my fantasy my every moment.

Because I have to imagine you,

I wish to be with you,

in my every breath.

Because when night time comes,

I still believe,

I’m in your heart.

Because as the days go by,

my penchant for loving you,

can never go away.

Because I’m up here

in the middle of the night

still looking for words

that might find you.

Because when morning comes, my

thoughts will still be with you.