I would like to be a writer. I began this site with amorous intentions, and over the course of time, I hope to have evolved as a male in an ever changing society that is today, recognizing the true beauty and elegance of woman. I am also into writing poetry. Come along for the ride.


Broken Hearts Mask Reality


Jim Dine

When I do wake to the melody of dove
Gentle coos like ambassadors above
I will in my reality shed immediate tear
For losing her signals inevitable fear

Choice provide me an avenue in time
Where my pain and sorrow is sublime
I walk alone today, trudge on pavement
Vacant is the stare a visual eye apparent

Oh no further toward the romantic air
For left in quiet there today is despair
Suggests our mind is readily drawn alone
Rather than Hollywood’s circus as shone.

I do experience only a bittersweet release
Ever mindful of heartbreak’s natural peace.

Missing Muse

She walked away from me that day,

it was meant to be in a sort of way,

all of our words had run quickly astray,

we no longer are who we were today.


I reference the torn bark of a crisp twig

like a naked child the roots now the fig

exposed and vulnerable, a worn out gig

and yet could no longer redress its wig


love is a battle of sorcery in human nature

when do we understand it is our mature

reckoning, the time to understand Nature

does have a handle on all that we assure.


I am many years away from knowing you,

yet in an autumn sunrise, might I see blue.

A Regular Guy

I’m not talking about me, to be sure,

would rather not conform to being

a regular guy, suitable to pressure,

that anticipation, integrity’s earning


value precedes old foundations, envy

the sort that callouses my arrogant eye.

I would that welcome sheltered covey,

a place to dream, a place to certain espy.


Walk paths of virtue, tell tales of desire

mix emotion with pragmatic dialogue

we will certain ignite an oily fire.

Fortune lies and later creates a fog.


I do believe we have said hello before,

yet today, I wish you peace forevermore.

clasps, ties & zip

These are the things in my way,

when in a moment of weakness

I do wonder if maybe in today

would we learn to now stress


that beauty which drives our soul,

a constant yearning to be inside

aroused to such a degree as whole

encompass anticipation’s ride


the wave of sea worthy challenge in

the crest, the wallow, the slow churn

of unraveling her slowly from within,

to have her respond that I might learn.


What is truly beauty beyond a release

now might in finding hers be my peace.

While Standing Profile

Beauty does speak aloud in the daylight of our lives,

while we gather ourselves, and meander our way,

she simply appears, without any reason love revives

in postured elegance, in sweet eyes, in her sway.


When she would place delicate hands on careful hips

a man nearby might suddenly jolt their coffee cup

in some ridiculous fashion capable of sinking ships.

Will she notice out of pity or smile to say, ‘what’s up?’


He would if a smart man tell her everything is alright,

for fear if then her generosity will suddenly a stance,

alter the look his eyes felt when first he thought might

she notice me, or appear that my glance only chance.


For when it is our physical beauty does stop our heart,

we might then recognize ‘woman’ paints lovely art.


Artist: Elena Levon

Photographer: Horatio Di Renzi

When Time Brings You Home – A Sonnet


In the throes of love, we toss one another across the bed,

with wild abandon our kisses pushing our limbs to the side,

opening closets we occasionally leave secured instead

a quiet waiting desire, that begins a stir from deep inside,

waits to be tapped, hopes triggers will release, oh please

stop the light feathers, flitting circles, and firmly draw me in,

her smile is knowing with the ache of pleasure’s tease.

His arms reach, strong hands, firm on shoulders pin

her wet suck to the linens, eyes that suggest soft,

I am in control now, I want you to take much pleasure,

in the slow deliberation, tongues touch, sudden, hips aloft

to feel each other’s fire begin to mingle, gasps reassure

Abandon’s animal yet response, gentle coos of a dove

whilst the heat of exchange, their need, elegance in love