Lonely Man

sad man walking in rain drawing

mistakes made

alone in thought

wishing a visual memory

appears in the rain

wet with wander

if I could as her forgiveness

might we hold hands

feel the strength of one time

when walking

in a summer rain

would be a favor

instead of the pain.


Lonely man

walks in rain

remember fallacy

wishes a reminder

of just when life

seemed measurable

with love and compassion

rather now lonely

quiet reminder

mistakes made.

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Blood Trails

if all of them knew
my words are my sanity
the only way
sometimes I am able to breathe
I imagine sometimes
the blade of a knife
cutting open my skin,
the red trailing reality of my world
and then I realize
I would no longer exist
to create any words
I might rest …

When Selfish Overstates Love

When loneliness struck wild

the calm wreaking havoc upon chaos

while we did understand

purpose lost

reason gone

the actual love we lost we gained.


Would that a quiet reminder

free the mind of anxiety


give credence to silent beauty

we did

in that natural way

know meaning.


Today stand solo

allow a visual elegance

a place in mind

wonder we would

always hold in heart

rather than a need

a want

a figure of exacting


we were always here

we are here

I Wondered in the Moment

I wonder if she might know

the very sight of her peace in repose

would cause pangs of yearn

when might I ever learn

the beauty and grace of woman

will always inspire my return.


She laid her soft tender self

upon the column a quiet rest

whereby a man might see genteel

her consummate beauty in pose

the essence of love in fantasy

is that which might demand we see.


For in the quiet of an evening pause

did I suddenly find my wish to be

inside the realm of her own dignity

inside the sensual peace of her levity.

I walked alone in hopes she might see

there is a truth in an evanescent integrity.


Sweet walk is the quiet air of imagination

when seeing it is her own lovely sensation.

When Always Begins

A certain energy

realize sweet memory

We walked in stride

as love in Grace decide


Two sets of eyes

would forever wise

know the truth inside

could never be denied.


One time they both agonized

knowing their love disguised

could only begin in a relied

atmosphere oft times decried.


So now the two will recognize

Forever their love they scrutinize