I would like to be a writer. I began this site with amorous intentions, and over the course of time, I hope to have evolved as a male in an ever changing society that is today, recognizing the true beauty and elegance of woman. I am also into writing poetry. Come along for the ride.

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Touch Love

If I might touch an invitation,


naked skin


sweet chill damp taste

treat me well


sensation my skin come alive

I can feel you with me,

just take me along,

let me know,

all she ever wanted was to love.

That Beauty

An unbridled need to know, to have, to share,

to give,

yet we all want to simply receive.

How might we define our passion for recognition,

even when the least anticipated notion,

cannot be asked for,

until perhaps when the moment suggests,


thoughtful recognition drawn by need’s desire

overcomes our staid personality,

that which interferes with natural


Let’s Cruise

a volvo afternoon

a volvo afternoon

While away the day with me,

we’ll create our own world together,

you and me,

on a sunny day in a midwestern haze,

Let’s take a drive and watch the world evolve

me and you

we wanted to imagine a world inside a castle

designs to take us away

we were cool

that day in the summer a breeze we felt

holding court letting fantasy tease our lives

I love you

in your eyes I could feel a desire, a special

lightning with every glance, and yet her world

became news

only to ourselves as we wandered through time

wishing this would be our cruiser beyond today

remember then,

dropping off our desire with a slow hopeful stroll

we could have left that day and never returned

you love me

I couldn’t know the desire we would some day

wonder about the what ifs of everyman’s wish

be still now

time’s remedy has allowed this memory to return

we left our nostalgic dreams in safe-keeping

can you hear me?

Mourning Routine

I would

that we desire


if while sun rise could


give ourselves to routine,

allow the moment

beyond any lament

serene imagination pristine.


If when I imagine you sweet,

shuddered eyes, near sleep

if when fingertips sweep,

naked skin, night shadows complete.


Might how her passionate embrace

suggest we create

a new travel, without debate.

Could we an emotional race


begin, bodies feel, sensual release

a build to love, to console,

to know our lives could be whole

if we knew spontaneity is peace.


Caress, continue,

ease, casual, taste –

shudder; sweet face,

we could.

When Recall Sings

If it were,

a radio song,

perhaps a reminder

of the one

on your cassette player

years ago,

you even recall where you were

when recording ‘our’ song.

If now,

just the memory,

brings you into my arms,

when we voracious with desire,

tore our sleeves apart, un-snapping jeans,

our haste as the world played around us,

we were seeking oneness,

and the music brought us to that place

we both needed to believe.

if I could,

would you listen again,

while our worlds continue

to grow apart,

as they should.

Fantasy Play

Would it be a shiver,

indeed, the very touch of your skin,

against mine in the quiet sunset of our lives.

would that all of my desire, my passion,

might respond to your intrigue, lest any reservation,

only sheer sensuality, unbridled to reach so high,

in discretion, we imagine, yet in the public eye,

only mine and yours do we seek more attention.

In mild contrast, we tease each other’s eye,

a sensation of fantasy, a stroll along the telephone wire,

old friends whose mind wild with desire

contain themselves with their own delicious

retreat into a touch, an afterthought,

a conversation with physical response,

yet, together in their own separation,

the safety of climax might reach or may play a song,

long wound in rhythmical pace,

drawing strong the need to become

one with each other

across the world.

I Want You To Understand

I really did love you,

good start right?

Why not go right to the heart,

that failing, rasping, begging mass

of organic dependence,

that piece of my body torn apart.

I waited, not just because I wanted you,

I did, on so many levels,

I waited because I needed you,

I did because you were that special

that sort of magical peril we all try to cross,

and sometimes fall,

and sometimes fall really hard.

I didn’t fall that hard though,

you’d made it clear,

you weren’t ready to love me,

so I took off,

well I went my way,

gained some distance,

that way,

I might be distracted,

and I was for years, distanced, happy,

sadness had gone with the breeze,

until that sunny afternoon in May.

I knew I could stil love you,

Again, I just want you

to understand.