I would like to be a writer. I began this site with amorous intentions, and over the course of time, I hope to have evolved as a male in an ever changing society that is today, recognizing the true beauty and elegance of woman. I am also into writing poetry. Come along for the ride.

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Last Time

We groped in the cool of winter,

your feverish hands

my lips,

together we wanted always

that escape

that reason to forget

just where we began,

or why,

never ask the question,

just go with our lust,

our desire to turn on,

to arrive,

later on.

I remember,

the steam on the windows

I created, we did that


we hid behind the frost,

no handprint for effect,

simply the passion

of our own undoing,

that truly is it today,

an undoing,

that felt so very, very


when it was over.

Societal Norms


then right here


a little bit more


questions will be asked


focus on the present please


is plenty of time for that


when it is all said and done


off my shoulders, yes!


we imagine any of this truly


each other, a quiet recognition


circumstances can always change


explodes with a vengeance in the public eye.


that though they treat this


a simple solution to complexity


will always have this moment today.


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A Married Man


there is no music to help mask the moment,

only silence to force reflection.

a facade, perhaps has run its course,

while he awaits his reckoning.

he has found a shelter to play within

a seeming island of delight.

his mind preoccupied, fears compulsive,

suddenly the table is turned,

where he once strolled with confidence

his trepidation is a moral code.

he will acknowledge needs he feels his,

yet knows we all have these.

It is that exclusivity part, reality

that scares his psyche.

he certainly claims there is no desire

to hurt anyone, yet, he’s blind.

He seeks refuge while exploring souls

those of spirited humanity.

while the existence of a real time world

tenders nearby he’s evocative.

his desires once began in earnest

now define a true essence.

caught in the cycle of needs and spark

how easily forgotten the truth

though his ideals move toward pleasure’s

frivolity, he is still, a married man.

when once the objectivity tastes delicious,

his tainted tongue tears

like the water flowing toward the sea

his mind drifts noisily.

wound inside the eyes of the married man

spiritual bliss has waned.

he can only apologize, lamentations

seem trivial in his truth.

as his august descends upon his mind,

he wills forgiveness in Her eyes.

Face in Shadows


I did a double take,

while she relaxed in the waves,

a quick look, assessing followers

without giving away the moment

lips, smile, a certain nod,

held high but not for me,

while you stole away,

I glanced to see her safe

out of harm’s way,

while we wandered

like two strangers pass

across each other’s lives.

I wondered when we might

if ever on such a day,

would we know each other

outside the shadows …

I looked at her, she seemed ok,

the day’s activities

remain the same;

We’d walk this way again,

nostalgic, you and me,

without any need to stay.


* photo found on pinterest

Whilst A Key Remain

The cool atmosphere of that morning,

the immediacy of you.

I gave you a short look,

before you could see me,

simply coy,


yet certainly I was drawn,

white shorts running lines along

sweet svelte legs,

sinewy symbols of sexuality.

I watched you walk across the room,

smiles around,

first day suggestive stares,

quiet in my own space,

I knew well I would glance more,

eventually wanting to share a volley

of furtive eye candies whilst the room,

began to study the art of the text,

our creative nuance seemed to take hold.


Years pass,

I remain fond,


reflective in the peace of my own mind,


Yes, there are days when I do,

I wonder,

I know now you have love,

that special miracle of life,

when confusion created melody,

once before now harmony suggests



I remember you once handed me your key,

I held it in my hands,

still today I am curious,

who did eventually empty the contents,

were they able to distinguish

that life was the one we carried

in our hearts three summers,

designed around surreal cold landscapes,

the heat of desire,

warming our imagination.

I wonder today, about the beauty of you,

only to tell you I wish to offer a key

that may enhance your elegance,

always and forever.

Parallel Mediums


Stroll outside into surrounds of spring

feel moments of desire,

spontaneity, that brush of

exhilaration, respond to love,

where you are,

while we continue,

when least we anticipate,

that’s when our lives interact,

apart from one another,

yet, we might, yet, hope we …

imagine that visual catharsis.


How often do our lives interact

when worlds across waters,

we recognize we have similar,


Or might these be wants,

I often confuse the two,

I don’t know about you,

as I stand here imagining,


I do want to believe

this feeling inside,

this melting, searing, flame

cresting with times’ nostalgia,

when eyes did define definitive –

we do know love,

we can recall and bring to mind,

a different time,

with effort a responsive return,

a parallel universe,

when together we do share,

such conscious energy.


What we make of our lives,

how we decide to go forward,

how a day, a cloud in the sky,

a thunderstorm at dawn,

feeds our senses with a similar plan …

If I lay quiet in real garments to visualize you,

might your world in my dreams, remain in view.

Addict’s Dream

Lately I have questioned my affliction,

my constant need,

my obsession,

lately, while watching you walk past me,

I wonder about how simple it might be,

for you to walk over and lay your hands

upon me as if you desired me …

Instead I am out here trying to recreate you,

every step, every move, each time a set of eyes,

reminds me there is passion welled inside,

might be able to tap in and surround my mind,

with the lovely swirl of gasps, panting and flailing

limbs all designed around reaching a certain, physical

nirvana that feels just wonderful, yes, just …

I am that guy that wants you to want me,

quite simple really, I’ll show you.

Walk over and move my hands to the side,

smile and look me in the eyes,

take your fingertips and unzip me,

watch my eyes get wider and feel my rise,

slide your hands upon my skin, and let me

grow in your palm while you stroke me,

by then I would imagine, as I do,

every day, by then I would imagine,

my tongue will have found your lips,

and the passion of my kiss will

very simply without any curious turns,

suspend disbelief,

the addict inside of me,

the one that dreams of this moment,

while you hold me in your hands,

my eyes, my body, my skin alive,

will thank you …

thank you.

I’ll come home now.