I Lost My Way

There was this charm

gave smile,

a sunny day,

quiet in our arms

we would

perhaps lunch in the park,

remember chocolates

and smiles,

so often did our laughter

take us together

to this place

no one else really even needed



The moment was ours

we kept things quiet

yet passion,

a certain mystique

she my muse

me her smile,

we did love

we knew love

we swore love


we found forever


until one winter night,

in the shuddering chill

we held hands

we let go.

When We Imagine Death

Oh we fantasize,

the quiet, the sleep, the no longer

active duty

of being on the same page


When we imagine,

we often paint a pretty picture

because in our mind

anything is better than this,

we have forgotten everything.


When we allow ourselves

to go into the murky waters of


we purposely ignore

the beauty around us.


I wonder why it is

that when I would rather be


i do forget the beautiful faces

surround me every day


I suppose it is because

they are beautiful aren’t they

and yet,

their soul, their heart,

that passionate embrace


That piece of their lives

is meant for someone else,

and mine,

my mystique my muse my lover

is beyond my reach


So then I believe

that is what it is

the final response

to knowing we cannot achieve

the peace we know,


So instead we imagine death,

for in its absolute,

we can now begin to relax

stop trying to reach …

There Is A Beautiful Moon Tonight


I’ve been looking all night,

the way the sky turns

a crystal clear arctic landscape,

a frozen anatomy of

our coldest time of year,

when one could walk naked into the element

and a soft smothering of hypothermia

might bring on a quiet

a slow departure falling into fantasy

the womb of mother nature

in safe and cradled arms

underneath the blue moon,

but time is of the essence

for the rage of night fall will bring upon us all

the wolf blood moon,

and that symbolic rage

would certain find our

lonely wander.


~ finding my way, a personal journey ~