He Imagined Her

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It was on a Friday night,

she spoke to him


she said she waited there

just to know

to wonder

if maybe he ever,

or if he might now.


He wondered then,

in the quiet of a winter eve

could she hear him

feel him,

might she know

if in a silent beat

of some nostalgic moment,

would he



He chose to listen

to a song would bring him a tear

always a joyful cry,

he wanted her to know

the celebration of love

could only contain

the tenets of a cherished


~ finding my way, a personal journey ~

Having Felt The Fade

In that moment,

when alone a decision

becomes only the owner

of a certain speculation,

he might respond,

she may simply sing a song.


For there is a melody in love

filled with passionate embrace,

the notion of knowing this

is truly a feeling undeniable

therefore less attainable

when acknowledging the fade.


Walk with me, listen to a story

two people wrote, together

one autumn day,

where when afterward as memory

might allow,

they later stood inside a moon.


Inside this our quiet response to love

A full moon speaks silent just beyond …

~ finding my way, a personal journey ~


Wherever You Go


‘the universal coffee shop’

I will wonder with my every day

thinking about places, times, memory

wandering through my mind

is the what ifs,

the wise

that turn into all of the why.


I look around the room,

people in their lives

she’s holding a cup of coffee

embracing her own


I am curious

knowing nothing about

what might be on her mind,

caught in the crossfire

never knowing why.


If I could step away,

would it get any easier,

or would the constant reminder

be the final days

rather than the beauty of when,

while the world existed around us,

there was that moment

lasted forever,

way back then we too,

were always asking, why.


Long narrow hallways,

sun-streaked table tops,

not where anyone might imagine,

just my own quiet refuge

where I might look at the faces around me,

knowing little conclusion

beyond our own private

human condition,

with the internal why


seldom revealed.


~ just finding my way, a personal journey ~