I would like to be a writer. I began this site with amorous intentions, and over the course of time, I hope to have evolved as a male in an ever changing society that is today, recognizing the true beauty and elegance of woman. My words and notions will I hope respond in poetic verse of many genre and style. Come along and please share your ideas and insights. Thank you for your visit.

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Can Not Sleep

I can but I won’t

tonight again,

I will stare at a wall,

imagine a different time,

a place, a visual, a soft breeze,

that surreal magic moment,


an escape from my present

speak to me please about


your constant remind.

I do want to

please you again,

hold you,

while I kiss you,


I want to


you might understand how you feel

delight’s mystique when in my embrace,

a gasp, a telling pleasure,

breathes eternal in your eyes.


I want to feel you,

in a quiet weave,

a rise of oxygen,

allows my body to feel


naked skin stands together

heat, passion,

in a pace plays passive

until suddenly take flight,

senses wound around tongues.


Show me while I stand nearby,

how begins this journey to … sigh.

Just Then I Knew

i could want you

I thought about the moment,

watching you,

seeing how your body could move,

like no other,

at that very moment.

We all do move,

we can all have sinewy graces

that compel our eyes,

yet yours,

were this very moment.

I thought about touching you,

in the moment of course,

when you were a participant,

I didn’t care to have you embrace or ‘

perhaps grasp my own need

in the moment,

I was far more into bringing that pleasure,

to your eyes as my palm played your sensuality,

I wanted far more to hear your gasp

as a taught tongue traversed your internal demon.

I watched as now lost inside of you

your eyes intensified with each thrust

of fantasy that went through my mind,

as when coffee in hand,

you did depart, leaving me in a state,

a lovely wonder,

a need,

to know you,


Recognize Response

When I said to you,

I don’t know if you understand,

I perhaps might have followed with,

how beautiful you are.


When I look you in the eye,

to realize just the depth of elegance,

you hold in expression,

I simply want to shed tear.


While the world exists around us,

in the quiet of a still wintry night,

I might yet imagine,

the essence of her arousal.


While around me life may capitalize

on adventure handing down,

no apocalypse responds outright,

only natural beauty breathes on.


I would gently kiss your neck

to draw chills from embrace,

to kindly have your strength

release while pulling me inside.


I do wish to recognize you,

in the elegance of your day,

a stunning visual like no one,

might even imagine to play.


please know that my eyes do ponder,

for within there’s a spectacular wonder.

Would You Imagine


If while you lay patient

knowing safe

a drop of oil

a slow process draw

more drops

the notion of arousal

taking over your entire body,

that feeling of skin, that no matter how,

touched, breathed upon,

anywhere on your delicious self,

can react as well as an isolated nipple,

a secular driving tongue on your center,

yet these are oils,

just drops upon  your neck

breasts naked in the breeze

untouched while your hands lay upon your side,

for only my mouth will spend hours,

licking the sweet nectar

pours along your lines

that if standing would soon cover

aching bosom …

eyes closed

my mouth asunder

every inch working your delight,

you can feel it to your toes,

that at least is my hope,

from there we will find your

moment, your awesome, remarkable ability

to let your self go, to climax in the simple

tease, taste, taunting nature of

such slender avenue of arousal.

Wild Reality of Arousal


if you close your eyes,

imagine her for a moment,

just as she is,

her body reclines without interruption,

perhaps completely naked,

she is so very attractive,

add a shade of lingerie,

perhaps a grey with a fabric suggestive,

I think now she is attractive

while becomes enticing.

Imagine, eyes still closed,

reclined in that settee that I love,

a dash of sweet lingerie could be anywhere,

yet now it simply is there, mingling with her skin,

that very connection the slide of grey along her naked skin,

will begin to create a sensation.

Gather in your hands a new fabric of silk,

and while her aroused form turns to allow her own resulting pleasure,

his hands drape the silk, let’s color her olive as the fabric

drifts atop the sudden air of novelty to land

across her bodice while open legs create a crevice of soft touch,

glance now at her eyes, she is awakened by this noise,

the sweet inner chaos of specific moves to alight her skin,

then that smile – perhaps a kiss with caramelized lips,

the sort that open her eyes to a certain delicious taste,

the reality of arousal.

When I Love You Moments

Those are when we know,

you holding … me yearning,

we, together, our sweet and always real


in mind and physicality.

You remember right,

waking to touch, me, you,

perhaps, just inside, only for a moment,

then arising patient,

while your hands might rouse my back,

fingernails slow trail wet skin to enlighten me

so subtle to be sure I do realize,

I see first your telling smile,

know then what lies inside our moment while

your hands knead my buttocks, soft tease,

to be sure, I am exploring you,

growing strong in your grasp, delicious.

What we had begun and run with in mad passion,

leaves us sweaty and alive and in each other’s eyes …

napping is delightful within your reach..

In That Moment

Your hands,

firm and guiding, across my shoulders,

the tease of light fingertips trace my sunlight,

eyes closed, I can feel you nearby finally,

when suddenly again, my own hands …

In those times I can lose myself

inside the beauty of your touch, your simple sensuality,

when in a moment, I am immediate,


not to delight in knowing you can bring me home.


when nearby, I will recall that quiet afternoon,

when together we did find our center,

after hours and tribulations,

after wondering if we could, if we need,

or do we want,

we did then,

and knew even more than every time before,

how much we really did want.

I close my eyes, and I can feel your touch,

my eyes are open knowing you are the moment,

when my hands recreate your magic.