I would like to be a writer. I began this site with amorous intentions, and over the course of time, I hope to have evolved as a male in an ever changing society that is today, recognizing the true beauty and elegance of woman. I am also into writing poetry. Come along for the ride.

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Parallel Mediums


Stroll outside into surrounds of spring

feel moments of desire,

spontaneity, that brush of

exhilaration, respond to love,

where you are,

while we continue,

when least we anticipate,

that’s when our lives interact,

apart from one another,

yet, we might, yet, hope we …

imagine that visual catharsis.


How often do our lives interact

when worlds across waters,

we recognize we have similar,


Or might these be wants,

I often confuse the two,

I don’t know about you,

as I stand here imagining,


I do want to believe

this feeling inside,

this melting, searing, flame

cresting with times’ nostalgia,

when eyes did define definitive –

we do know love,

we can recall and bring to mind,

a different time,

with effort a responsive return,

a parallel universe,

when together we do share,

such conscious energy.


What we make of our lives,

how we decide to go forward,

how a day, a cloud in the sky,

a thunderstorm at dawn,

feeds our senses with a similar plan …

If I lay quiet in real garments to visualize you,

might your world in my dreams, remain in view.

Satisfy Her Dreams

I really do,

when I think about why,

I completely feel its true,

for you I might wish the sky,

When I lust,

you provide such postured atmosphere,

winding your circular passions

in a stroll in a midnight fly by,

when I see you just beyond,

and think to myself,

oh my, if only I might be fawned

upon by such elegance,

sweet delicious real natural

I recognize beauty.

We must wander slow away

from the locks of freedom,

the facade of playing with deceit,

and wonder of her journey,

have respect for that which turns our eyes,

our body, our desire, into pure bliss

for far beyond the objective stare,

lives that precious dare

to understand

to allow her to withstand,

the shallow water,

that drowns our integrity.

Live alive and laugh,

provide our soul with genuine trails

covered in the moss of a dew drawn dawn


when looking in your eyes,

I see a miracle,

something I haven’t any control over,

yet, when offered, might lose myself forever,

in your arms, your skin, your lips, your climax,

that truly,

that lesson I hurry

to imagine,

to dream,

is you, simple elegance,


you are certainly my drug of choice.

For you, Morning

When sunrise is a shadow,

eyes open our soul to follow,

I do imagine you,

wish delicious notions are true,

to see your naked walk,

bare toes in sensuous linen

wood floor whose arctic nature

might arouse a tingling,

skin alive,

I can now see you through sleepy fabric.

Coffee in hand, warm, skin feel a tease of heat,

that might soon envelop your morning,

when languish upon night’s silk.

– – eyes now more alert,

lids lavish to allow a visual journey

to begin with fingertips … touch,

slow melody in nature’s garden,

euphoric senses are now alive,

stir sweet symbolic heat

sipping morning coffee …

Turn You On Today


Turned you on the other day,

yes I did

from far away, I turned you on,

and I could feel you,

sweet saucy delicious you,

I could be with you I knew,

if right out of the blue,

something happened to make it true.

Well, I laugh a little

when the moments arise,

those times when you are in my mind,

I can re-imagine every shudder,

knowing there came now your gasp,

every time you let me touch you,

I chuckle at the sheer delight

of my memory,

holding you,

gracing you with every opportunity

to turn you on,

yes, I did, I do, I wish I could,

I hope I do,

still in the quiet of a night of winsome nostalgia,

I do hope I can do that for you,

I mean,

it is what I want to remember,

makes me travel,

in that sweet surreal mystique …

turn me on today.

Nostalgic Lust

I do imagine you,

soft, serene, an elegant air

of caprice

that plays with the eyes

those moments that are left to my creative mind.

Yet, the oils to arouse my notions

I know always

on hand,

in hand,

in your hands as tease and desire

respond together.

I wonder sometimes how many hours of the day

are left to pure seduction

without provocation,

only the beauty that is you

in that sweet state of mind that carries

my own fantasy far beyond the mundane reality

of my day.

I wonder about you, and wish to know your desire

like an aura of the purest sensuality

travels with you

remains inside of you,

always waiting.

I Would

If you let me,

step into your world.

As I stand nearby I am left to visualize,

seeing only elegance and imagining

a chance to try.


not a conquest,



a passionate affair of delicious surprise.

We walk past each other

and our minds interact with

preconceived notions.

How much further might we intrigue one another,

if we put aside our psychology and focused clearly upon


I want to touch you

as I stand nearby,

imagining fingertips traveling along your buttocks

while with surprise you lean back allowing my desire …

Let me pique your interest

and explore an enticing mystique

that is truly you, and will remain an intrigue

long afterward, if only, perhaps,

if you would, well then

I would

Java Galleries

I want something to feel right

not fiction

the fantasy of my delicious mind

that one,

you know that unravels with purpose

along your skin

slow methodical traces along naked shoulders

fingertips diving with touch,

soft, light, imagining just only desire

emanating from your lips

while I glance upon you

naked buttocks

rising as gently manicured nails trace

passion with methodical twirls …

Imagine if we were able to finish

while silent you gather yourself

stepping away …

soft glance with parted lips

feeling arousal sweep shoulders

while stepping svelte; cold breeze of mourning.