I would like to be a writer. I began this site with amorous intentions, and over the course of time, I hope to have evolved as a male in an ever changing society that is today, recognizing the true beauty and elegance of woman. I am also into writing poetry. Come along for the ride.

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Sweet Autumn

leaves rustling leaves

quiet exchanging quiet

accentuate love

Autumn Sky

A color scheme enveloped my rise

glancing through slats

to a world I sometime do not understand.

Yet for the common good of love,

my eyes began to weep,

to know the world beyond my reach.


I have known through trial and error,

the notion of passion,

desire is in my world a wonderful air.

In the morning when I wake

she is in heart,

my soul will ache always without decline.


We walk a slow deliberate mile to learn

the scope of life, the while

of wonder in the hearts of all mankind.

Yet I can feel a blessing in disguise

to know her love,

a sweet shadow I’ll always carry in my eyes.

Soft is a Sweet Serenade

When I was a child I remember,

there was a memory of kindness,

a sort of rite of passage,

whereby she left me with a smile.


I remember wishful then,

the forever summer nights,

she laughed outloud

and we danced as forever might.


There is a quiet reality in love,

the dawning of an understanding,

that eternally above

all other conclusions must remain.


I remember the soft dawn of summer,

a child in a constant stir,

finding my reality,

I spoke of her until the autumn.


I would today respond to a soft

reckoning of a spiritual gain,

when life becomes the real,

sort of intellectual game.


I recall tender the night sky,

when in the cold autumn breeze,

our gasps created pictures,

we lived inside our dreams.

Cricket Song

I listened,

a pitch black backdrop,

eased onto my couch, with window slats

open to the night air.

I listened as summer whispered,

we are giving you a good morning,

the changing season,

warm air shifts toward a gradual cooling,

we come to sing,

to welcome the next phase.


I realize suddenly in my world all good things must …

lovely mornings, lush gardens in the wood, long afternoons,

all the memories of love,

I will recall her eyes, her smile, her love,

they are always the constant in my

self assuring mind.

Her beauty does exist, sings melody in my heart,

much like the crickets song,

suggesting we are always nearby,

to give a soft and sweet routine

toward Nature’s wondrous plan.


I wonder about our plan,

and then I step back,

take your time I said to myself,

the autumn is more upon me than I would ever imagine,

listen to the breeze inside the song.

Desire’s Autumn in Haiku

we did dance to

rhythm inside midnight’s moon

night casts shadows blue


in spring would I swoon

beauty in my eyes to behold

call outs crystal loon


when summer heat told

our shelter is delightful news

live together bold


society views

a modern romance will bloom

love is autumn’s news


seasonal memory

measures in harmony

Summer’s Wane – A Sonnet

This freedom that encompasses our day

Has natural tones, leaps of faith today

While we cherish the sunlit afternoons,

Our lives drift upon summer’s constant swoon.

We do wish delightful days to remain

Yet familiar are we to season’s chain

Events calling out to ready ourselves

Pretty soon children will imagine elves.

Hold up, wintertime? Quite enough of that

Silly chatter, embrace soft beach-combed hat.

Allow her sweet legs their delightful breeze,

Our eyes wish only she maintain her tease …

Radiate the skies with reflective peace;

Let the autumn sunlight wait out its lease.

I Grew Up


I grew up

liking you, appreciating you, being fascinated

about everything you represented in my life

I recall the first time I found you

Thirteen, maybe twelve years into deciding

and fascination began in a little journal of parchment

with leaves and skin, at first a lot of leaves

like a blanket of autumn erotica

enveloping your beauty

It was then I noticed your eyes

sparkling, wanton, delicious

asking me anything

I complied by loving you

turning the pages to find more of you moving

sliding inside the leaves letting your legs leave

the shade of their soft though teasing composition


There, I watched your fingertips tease and brush open your nipple

a breast and my gasp is audible as now your eyes sparkle

inside the enticing nature of your elegance.

I really did fall in love with you that day

Every one of you that walks inside my dreams

I am one amongst all of you

in Grace, welcoming every aspect of beauty

beyond a need to define, simply a desire to incline

You are so very real and blessed

Inside my longings and frantic needs

I grew up