I would like to be a writer. I began this site with amorous intentions, and over the course of time, I hope to have evolved as a male in an ever changing society that is today, recognizing the true beauty and elegance of woman. My words and notions will I hope respond in poetic verse of many genre and style. Come along and please share your ideas and insights. Thank you for your visit.

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Reflective Beauty

Seated nude

Seated Nude © Lee Zimmerman – artist @zim2918


when while quiet heart

restful repose

oh would he ever know

inside the pain

of discovery

a certain memory,


become fantasy

alone …


… yet lower me now

might I pause

for pain becomes tempered

when sweet recall

will one day

might allow

a sensual release

-human condition-

surreal love


Artistry by Lee Zimmerman

Asking Forgiveness

For it is my heart

begun this circus,

for inside my dreams,

I held promise for her eyes,

I did

become the lover

in a vast delight,

a wonder of beauty and elegance,

were my reward,

falling in love

knowing the sweet splendor

in sailing to serenity

follow my eyes

she would suggest

sweet gasp.

New Life

Borne of need,

sheltered by reasoning,

though constraints do speak

when given audience,

it is clear we must move forward,

lest not forget,

there is beauty in memory,

the such that in a quiet reflection

will always,

forever be a lovely reminder,

there is beauty,

and she did show me the way.

I Will Imagine


photo found on Pinterest


Though I’m asked not,

I cannot help myself,

a clear moment,

a clarity,

a vision of her,

I do respond in sweetest  memory.


Would I that an afternoon might remind

my heart of the quiet free-for-all

her sweet touch,

the essence of warmth,

when bodies do intermingle,

I might feel her next to me,



In the essential silence

I will create in my mind,

those waking eyes,

the thrust of our passion,

in throes of an eternal hour,

well past the imagined


of if, might we, could, would,

it will be in my mind a sensuality.


A surreal peace,

come over me,

shelter my disposition,

she holds a red umbrella,

beholden my heart,

for it is in her soul

my love always begins.

Sweet Response


photo – pinterest

Memory now,

consumed in irony,

the magic of a quiet release,

when two lovers would abandon

some reality,

societal scrutiny,

in order to satisfy

each other’s urgency.


There is a long silence

while eyes adjust,

he in fingertips begins to trace

her being,

the alive gasps of a naked shoulder,

eyes further,

lips part for sweet sigh,

his find is her release,


to an outside observer,

this might be far more carnal,

yet words,

than simply the elegance,

of her beauty in his

quiet, private …


Beauty In Repose

I settled inside a fantasy,

for many years,

I would know strictly beauty

in all of her capacities,

only because she would

let me in.


She let me in,

and I accepted,

though it was me that wanted

to be inside her world,

know then the surreal,

the soul, such passion,

as my life had never known.


We walked together,

trails of discovery,

every glance, we stepped seemed to merit another,

we’d laugh and we would realize,

might we do this forever,

easy enough

to know just sharing her energy

my only wish, my only need,

my only sense of being real in my world.


I wonder tonight,

will tomorrow,

days later,

I wonder if ever there might be

some challenge to know,

some break in the storm,

that might allow sweet remedy

to the pain I feel each nigh.


I wonder if she might ever know,

may ever give solace

to the beauty she may bring

to a man’s life.


I wander the streets in certain repose,

wanting only hers to have the peace

she deserve,

yet me, my selfish quandary,

has no value in an eternal memory.


I do know elegance, mystique, hers is a design,

a jewel, an unknown sojourn toward forever.

A Glance Contains a Smile


It is with provocative pose,

she sets the tone,

body toned,

eyes to wander wonder,

she is beauty in repose.


Her glance is private,

allowing only certain eyes

to bask in sweet elegance,

the shadows of love,

lost in the element of disguise.


Oh to wander along naked skin,

to feel the arch of a sensitive touch,

we might last forever,

if when the two hearts we pose,

would, could venture beyond fantasy.


Poised and beyond reach,

a seduction sweet to savor,

hers is a lovely sensuality

any man might favor,

yet one should always know,

the respect of her labor is true.


Oh to relish in the prowess

is her innocence

to know the travels sweet lips

would venture once her eyes

give allowance to departure.


Then there is the essence of reach

for hers is a quiet and dignified center.