Because I Wanted What You Held Inside

yes, it was the passion in your eyes,

the way your words drove me,

made me want to never look away,

for you to know I was there,

searching, desire, a certain lust of your being,

and I did stay with you for as long as you might let me

if it meant one day

I would find myself inside of you, journeying further as your own need,

drove me to explore every aspect of whom you might be,


exquisite in all of your natural magic,

I would listen to your whisper in my ear,

that final meant to be endeared gasp,

that, ‘yes now, I want you to be inside of me’

that this is whom we are,

and found together

our center is a one ness,

a trivial description,

yet in sweet simplicity,

I have been allowed to  know


Summer Is Sweet

Screen Shot 2019-01-06 at 6.22.45 PM.png


one might imagine

a quiet wander

with little reason to explain

beyond this simple beauty

a wheat length

with season to hold

a nostalgic prayer

her father once told

so now this sunrise

her favorite flair

to no one’s eyes

just for her

such is sweet

in reckoning


beauty is

sweet response

we have so


simple is nature


we will


only believe

in what is real

on this



please give

us peace

for it is all she

would ever might


In The Manner of Truth

We delve many avenues

our effort sublime

to offer wonder to that

worthwhile mystery of finding


in the words of a lover’s fire.


There is a passion in the mind

of a wanton creature of design

that of which might take

little form

if not drawn by such is a mystique

her beauty

her wisdom

the charismatic nature of what

compels me into her arms

from the beginning

that very moment

the cry of a young child

needing warmth

and only sensing

sweet wonder

is her.


In the manner of truth

of if I could now define, dear wanerer

she is that’s turmoil o the mind,

the riddled creator

sings lullaby

while cradles my soul

in this our eternal, autumn