I would like to be a writer. I began this site with amorous intentions, and over the course of time, I hope to have evolved as a male in an ever changing society that is today, recognizing the true beauty and elegance of woman. I am also into writing poetry. Come along for the ride.

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Simple Freedom

When knowing her freedom

is resolute in quiet integrity

is definable in spontaneity

is wonderful to allow natural sigh

is forever intertwined in truth.


Though while allowance gave peace

he did respond to certainty

he would revel in her elegance

he might also known the truth, real,

is assurance human condition feels.


While life has simple turns and memory

his complication her beauty

the mystique when touch her cheek,

his lips, back of fingertip,

when eyes wet rest upon her soul ,,,


Will whisper now freedoms in simple love

Love is Forever

We can decide what might be right

when coming to terms with who we are,

together in a moment, we know sweet

is the energy that triggers our soul.


When we’re apart we recall our eyes,

searching one another with a sure smile,

wondering if the other is as much in love,

as we know we are, the coo of a dove.


So, now we continue to share our lives,

with one another, this new chapter

contains pleasure and pomp and laughter,

for we are as close as the day we are after.


I wander, my mind, beyond the immediate

memory, to hold truth, love, will not deviate.

Sound Escapes

I do listen to notions,

in memory my life can travel with

a certain cadence,

skin soft sweet sensual,

while my mind imagines, playful

delicious, erotic, perhaps a mind-blowing


yet I can decide how intense the moment,

I might choose to delve further,

or sleep with the peace of novelty in mind.

I might sip my wine to taste the pleasure,

of his lips when engaged with my own,

while his hands become the linens

those luxuries that tease my legs, my naked breasts,

my chilled shoulders that dance to the breeze,

soft raindrops cool my quiet journey.

I sip my wine, and imagine more,

eyes flutter shut a moment, while I sense warmth,

a magic need to touch, or perhaps enhance,

with resolute will to simply allow the moment

to remain in my mind.

Mmm, as the rains play their music outside,

the breeze now swift allows the fabric caress nipples

that rise before my eyes … I could reach,

i could touch, I do smile,

and sip the last of my wine …

Seeking Bliss

Laying on my bed

eyes see a ceiling

distracts notions fleeting

my mind is led

by touch

fingertips trail across my chest

soft tease that reminds me of that one time

when I was pleasuring myself lost in innocence

a parent walked in and changed my life.

No abuse, just fear

sexuality had invaded my mind.

Yet, at that moment I was only lost in the beautiful touch

that fingertips intertwined with aroused skin can send

vibrations through our bodies

to the core of our soul

that is nirvana …

I was already seeking.