I would like to be a writer. I began this site with amorous intentions, and over the course of time, I hope to have evolved as a male in an ever changing society that is today, recognizing the true beauty and elegance of woman. I am also into writing poetry. Come along for the ride.

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Full Moon Blues

I looked at the moon tonight,

I wished it were described

through her eyes,

so that only I could understand,

what it is she was looking for.


I would like to imagine passion,

like the lunar magic in a holistic pattern,

all of us drawn,

well especially her and me,

by the mystique of the moon.


I stayed inside then

the remainder of the night,

I knew the stars were there,

under the moon light,

we could all pretend we were

there together.


I listened to the blues,

wondered about certain energy,

hoped I might be alright,

to have this tendency,

to want to understand,

and get it.


Under the light of the moon,

Sang the blues in a quiet swoon.

A Lasting Impression

When first we introduced our bodies to one another,

we were jazzing to a trio of bluesy gentlemen,

the sort haven’t any idea their responsibility together,

creates the moments we called an earlier omen.

I wanted you,

while you simply waited,

in the blue

rift of a Sunday night related

cafe band of wannabe B.B. Kings,

we let each other offer the zings

that bring our lips together,

legs intertwined within each other,

we would last the night, when our musical eclipse

the dance floor light, enhanced your gyrating hips.

I knew the rhythm of your desire,

would be my night’s slow inspire.

We danced our bodies toward a sweaty reality,

my only memory is your grasp of my entirety,

left me with a lasting impression,

such a random delicious decision.

What’s Happening I Want to Know

An Audio Recording

I do just want to cry tonight,

I know I’ve held on for a long, long time,

I didn’t even know sometimes,

well, I suppose, maybe, somewhere,

oh yes I did, I know I did, I will admit to you,

yet, don’t reveal that to anyone else,

just please,

just you and me,

the sort of thing,

that way back when I could understand,

by looking in your eyes.

I do remember a smile,

eyes that I dove so far inside of,

that nothing else really mattered,

beyond just that night,

that when the surreal fire of that moment,

began to settle,

and we could feel the frost on our windows,

the night air,

the reality,

well just then,

I could still just cry,

that was okay, because you would let me,

I could cry for you, and when I heard you laugh,

it wasn’t to mock me,

it was so truly familiar,

you were in love with me,

and I didn’t know you,

I just knew why,

if only for a moment …

do you,

do you please do you


I want you to tonight.

Under the Canopy it Rained

Veronique Dance Series

Veronique Dance

Shadows remain whenever I stroll past,

almost surreal, wondering still,

did she really let me, let me there …

a night of dancing,

she, did, she was, of course,

stunning in her presence,

certainly alone within the crowd,

her skin a radiant shade

of delicious desire,

sinewy moves in the crowd,

a dress to move my eyes,

long flowing trails of sensual,

we moved together

it was raining outside,

and I knew she was sharing

her time with me and anyone

who wished to move,

to let their bodies

unravel pretty in their abandon

on the checkered tiles.


I watched her walk outside,

she left all of the eyes behind,

with one quick glance my way,

so it seemed, so I imagined,

her eyes pleading a certain

knowing tease.

This was a time when she could

walk in the rain,

without any fear,

her body moving freely,

slender legs and loose top,

after hours that night,

blurring, damp, arousing

turns and twists and touch,

all within the scope of

the dancer,

a release of the blues …


I wanted her,

to soothe her,

sweep her into my dreams,

rushed out the door,

into the pouring rain,

streets were midnight now,

movement but all alone,

each stranger moving together,

through a gin filled night,

of loosely bound morals,

trying to find a home.

My eyes found, I couldn’t,

she wasn’t there,

as the rains fell hard,

I walked fast,

not caring about my destiny,

home alone in the rain,

I wasn’t alone yet,

as I walked curious.

How could she disappear,


or was that just it,

perhaps this wasn’t real,

the blues could change your mind,

I walked and heard a whisper,

I walked and did hear that,

yes, and turned,

and she was there,

her body bronze in the night shade,

leaning inside a canopy,

her toned moves soaked, her dress draped,

as she let her hip rest on the brick,

reached out her hand,

she smiled,

I walked into her lair,

and she pulled my lips to hers,

her body wet and wanting,

I felt her wet, drenched dress,

that so enveloped her hips,

her breasts piercing through,

her wardrobe now a treasure,

to any man’s eyes,

her hands reached to my zipper,

while my lips nestled inside,

her tongue driving me home,

I felt her nipples come alive,

as her gasps told me more,

her fingers around my cock,

I let my mouth run along her neck,

as my hands moved her hips,

and pressed her up against

the glass doorway,

in the public of our shaded canopy,

I was hard in her fingers,

as I lifted her, slippery … skirt,

and slid inside of her

panty-less desire …


While the night moves

continued sleeking home,

the eyes walked past the canopy,

as my body played with her dance,

manipulated her moves,

to blend with my own,

while my thrusts found her rhythm,

and she taught me how,

she let me know,

she wanted my sex,

like a slow moving number,

on the checkered tiles,

she brought me home,

outside in the rains,

inside her own …

her own mahogany dreams.