NSFW – Adults Only Please – My goal with this page constantly evolves – there was a time when all I wanted was to pique a woman's interest in the hope we connect through writing, dialogue … today, with all of the wonderful inspiration I've received, my need is to further my respect and intrigue in the sensual nature of 'woman' in all of her grace and elegance. I do hope you might enjoy!

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Gentle Breeze Will Stay

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When first I sat down in my morning wonder,

I think about place, and reason why,

glance to a man-made water flow in blue sky,

a forest green fills the world far beyond eye.


It is immediate always she can become my

central focus on a beautiful morning in July.

I can easily recall a time I might cry,

yet for now, sweet muse, does mind wander.


I took a picture as a way to describe this

silent peace, music sheltering the natural wave

of city traffic blends a natural green vision,

of Nature’s wonder in yet man-made design.


His search a quiet state of mind, savor the breeze

For in glance I realize why in sky I cry with ease.


The Serenity of a Breeze

Is a calm, when sweep naked skin,

A summer day, oh, a lovely breeze,

When she strolls slow naked skin.

The leaves have a gentle sort of tease,


When whispers suggest we are alone.

I can breathe again, in knowing her

Dreams caress such intrigue is shown.

In looking in eyes express together,


A desire only matters if in serenity

We can pass through sunlit fires

In resilient storm echo sanity.

To know the beauty Nature aspires.


Something lovely in a gale of summer,

Leaves exist cause any I to wonder.

Sweet Breeze

When wet our bodies land,

we embrace,

touch the sky with open hand,

this trace

of love-making has had its fury,

and now there is rest,

the best

is when while in your arms I feel your passion,

your eyes in mine, my mind is yours,

when quiet and stealth,

an open window is a breeze on a hot summer day,

enough to chill naked desire,

eyes alive, and we will again build our fury,

to rest again …

sweet breeze

Ice Cube Trails


Whisper my name,

in the heat of a splendid afternoon,

move your body against the leather,

feel it stick, holding onto you,

not wanting to let you go …

but you know it will when you begin to,


Just resting between your breasts,

the trails begin, slow build of a liquid release.

Whisper my name,

while my lips follow the trail

alway teasing it back between aching breasts,

more wet with each motion,

my lips, tongue, trailing the water,

skin radiating in the hot summer sun,

skin sticking to the crisp clean leather.

skin waiting to be thrust into motion.

Don’t move it yet, just let it run along your sides,

starting to pool between naked skin and soft leather,

cold only for that moment, as I move it again.

Whisper my name,

while my lips turn to mouth, cheeks, face

sweeping the wetness between supple breasts,

your gasps,

arching need to feel a slow wisp of air across a nipple.

Icy water now hot with the passion’s tempo,

lovely fog, forgetting about every moment before,

now taste traveling that last run of water,

mingling a cascade along your body,

and then you feel the waves,

cool drips in sweet valley leading to …

well if we begin there the ice just melts.

I told you that before we ever began,

we’ll do it again because any time I touch you


the ice melts.

Sound Escapes

I do listen to notions,

in memory my life can travel with

a certain cadence,

skin soft sweet sensual,

while my mind imagines, playful

delicious, erotic, perhaps a mind-blowing


yet I can decide how intense the moment,

I might choose to delve further,

or sleep with the peace of novelty in mind.

I might sip my wine to taste the pleasure,

of his lips when engaged with my own,

while his hands become the linens

those luxuries that tease my legs, my naked breasts,

my chilled shoulders that dance to the breeze,

soft raindrops cool my quiet journey.

I sip my wine, and imagine more,

eyes flutter shut a moment, while I sense warmth,

a magic need to touch, or perhaps enhance,

with resolute will to simply allow the moment

to remain in my mind.

Mmm, as the rains play their music outside,

the breeze now swift allows the fabric caress nipples

that rise before my eyes … I could reach,

i could touch, I do smile,

and sip the last of my wine …

Whisper To Me


In midnight’s aura,

sweet breeze of spring air,

your fingertips, my hair,

we are that aura


I met your eyes

one summer night

the courage I might

ask you without why’s


In midnight’s mystique

I reach for your beauty,

only the strength of security,

allows my touch to speak


We do alone together

gasps of delight we share

I once looked, hadn’t dare

yet tonight there is no whether.


tis delight to fingertip

the edges of your blouse

to slide my world arouse

my tongue breast’s tip


this motion of passion

our unbridled entanglement

in spring’s moisture lament

would I with you to fashion.


I am at peace tonight,

as stars begin to settle

skies bring me no mettle

yet only that then we might …


a memory, a distant fog to gleam

might sooner have you in my dream

Shooting Breeze


© Peggy Dabney on Pinterest


Drifting inside a magical sunlight

where all of our energy does speak

to the beauty of our essential need

we do wish for imaginable desires.

I wait in the quiet breeze of morning,

watching the storm roll in slow,

slide through horizons distant with need,

imagine the tempest ahead in my eyes,

not there yet, only feeling that soft tease

of a quiet lull while around the leaves moist

begin to give off a sense of natural release.

I do enjoy laying with you feeling the rain

as wet reminders of a kiss in waves

closer now, we ready our found urgency,

no panic, just a gradual adulation, touching

every nerve that needs to come alive,

begins to rise like a zephyr; feel me,

as my lips will dress your skin with squalls

of need, I want only to know your gasps

as each time my tongue connects,

it is the lightning coming forth … that breeze

sweeps across my skin like the arousal

of my eyes, when I notice you in the sunlight,

legs streaking to your center that place

the sun’s eyes bring alive, while waiting, wanting

the tempest to come in and free us all of the panic,

that delicious response to an utter climax

windswept, tree limbs sway, our bodies move

inside a magical dream of tender angst,

yes, it is, yes, so special, inside of you,

yes, the storm, the gentle angst becomes my lips,

your eyes, our bodies, reach for the sky.