I would like to be a writer. I began this site with amorous intentions, and over the course of time, I hope to have evolved as a male in an ever changing society that is today, recognizing the true beauty and elegance of woman. I am also into writing poetry. Come along for the ride.

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When It Seems Beyond Reach

Its favorite complaint

is not valid,

to imagine one’s pain,

is beyond another’s reach.


We are often more together

than what visibly

might be imagined,

while the construct of love remains.


To imagine solace

rather than feel it is easily

more attainable

than finding the truth.


Oh to be your guide,

to let your body fall in grace,

into my own,

so the comfort of love remain.


Oh to know a solution,

to understand a helpless nature,

in the human condition,

to show delight in love.


A simple remedy is plausible

only to the sightseer

who has not trekked the craggy

landscape of a chronic sojourn.


We seek peace in the shelter of our lives,

far beyond the tantalizing nature of pain.

Walking In Doors

There is a certain beauty in seeing

her walk through doors,

it is when in the sky looming gray,

her light will shine,

I cannot know how to make her smile,

just hope she might,

because there inside then,

I might believe,

the truth to love can exist,

inside her quiet world,

that place where no one seems to enter,

unless it is of course, a time when her heart,

might allow itself to breathe,

allow its elegance, her compassion,

the soul for which my body yearns,

it is there in the quiet of her peace,

there I wish to see her delight in the solace.

Only Erotic

When I do touch her,

there is this immediate

sensory need to know pleasure,

not my own,

hers, the sense of where I might be,

will soon discover a gasp,

a garment with my teeth,

a gently bite of her shoulder,

swept away to a naked caress,

and my tongue and lips explore

her every being,

and yet, we are just beginning,

I move with hands on shoulders,

her open neck waiting,

enough to know when touch,

her head flails,

wanting my every motion to capture,

the essence of her woman.


… and then I will let my hands cup

the simple nature of her being,

lips finding, fingertips tracing,

tongue a twirl,

now it is her gasps will let my hands

fall to discover a center,

that part of her beauty I imagine,

only when apart how much I would carefully,

with precision,

find her,

move her,

taste her excitement.


For it is then we know there is integrity,

in the nature of woman, in woman,

in her wanting to feel,

wanting to reveal that which will

allow me to reach inside her whole.

Last Look

Who has it

who wants it

when we cross paths

well not just us

while we live as human beings.



knowing …

Split-second interactions

a smile, 

a down-cast glance

a nervous affect,

(some indication of resentment),

all of the above.


In a glance,

a world of compassion

may suddenly evolve – 

beyond that slow brewing

sense of entitlement,

a casual fear,

some simple autonomy

in a crowded gallery.


Sudden shifts

paradigm designs

and a look,

a glance

may determine just how

why we would

hold a wish of our own

that might match

your own …