From Anywhere to Now

This is for you,

as we cross so many paths with people

in thought, in race, in notion,

in an emotional rollercoaster

sometimes tamed,

often times needing a long time tuning

for perhaps safety

or simple personal enjoyment.


It is here we discover fascination,

a reality drawn by fantasy,

a need to find reason

a desire to know passion

when last time we checked

our human condition was certainly

the same as the next …


yet it is the words, the constant change

to re create the constant.


good night sweet writers

Sylvia Plath

I wrote this because I struggle with my own depression, and I know that Sylvia is and was revered. What i don’t know is why or how our society has come centuries without understanding what depression is and what mental health and what matters to the sanctity of our lives. What i don’t know is why tragedy is the only way people can seemingly come to understand the identity of another.

What determines legacy – exhaustion or raw talent and how do we find a balance between the two?

This is for Sylvia, because I picture you in your state of mind in this what probably was your back yard one beautiful afternoon – a portrait in a series that contains smiles as well as sadness …


Was This The Plan

Hurt the other

so the pain

might buffer the wane

that wonder of

why, how, when

whatever it might be

a necessary end

between two evils

meant to accentuate


for in elegance

in love

indeed that sweet resonate caress

is often found

the agony

we do wish to move beyond

… and we did that without a finish …


doors open to reveal this our illusion