I would like to be a writer. I began this site with amorous intentions, and over the course of time, I hope to have evolved as a male in an ever changing society that is today, recognizing the true beauty and elegance of woman. I am also into writing poetry. Come along for the ride.

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Clueless Agony

On the horizon, a wall looms,

we reach inside for garden tools,

protect the hibiscus, secure the lawn

decorations – that peace of mind.

What happens next,

we cannot control,

yet why is it in our own lives,

that survival, is all we try to do,

mask the insecurity so no one might know,

deep inside we are as

frail to the notion of real as is the vine

sudden storm clouds will rip apart.

Nature always wins,

despite the efforts of many,

to hide the furthest

indication of that surreal



Reversal’s Venus

We are in a constant role

to play the advocate,

understand the dynamic,

realize the consequence,

of a passionate trial.

We might suggest that he

takes over the moment,

when really we wonder,

does he know that underneath

that submission, her own

needs are truly being

blown away by the chaotic

release of her unbridled

desire to have him lead

his divine toward

her delicious garden.


For that is the case

when one time she

cried, a soft gasp

with uttered pleas,

she suggested he

might ‘detain’ her

by acquiescent play.

Allow his mind to

embrace the notion of

control, a giving,

the playful nature

that defines her soul,

his wrath, her elegance.


Sans the one

the other surely

lose his grip.

Would You, Please

© michael vincent manalo

© michael vincent manalo


I stepped out of a refreshing shower

she is waiting

a bit thrown by her words

‘lay down for me please’

her hand reaches to drop the towel,

I’ve wound around cleansed waist,

my arousal is piqued as I slide onto

a freshly made bed

hot summer heat.

Her eyes direct me arms spread to corners

gently her hands move my ankles apart,

her smile is wet with a tongue ready,

“close your eyes’

I do in a moment of pure delight

breathless I feel her knees press into the bed,

her hands rest between my arms and chest,

skin touch while now a taste

only her tongue slow slides

I naturally rise into her mouth

and she caps my head with her lips

tongue still busy inside.

it is me now grasping the edges of my bed

my feet driving into the bed post

while she buries me inside her wet lips,

hands pull to my shaft, one cups me underneath

I am beside myself with abandon

I start to rock, she stops

pulls her mouth off of my cock,

‘lay still’ she says with a smile,

I close my eyes again with desire,

now for the finish it seems for her pace

purposeful, firm grasp and slide,

lips and tongue teasing and drawing all of me,

fast again, and fast I am blind,

as she sucks my life’s glow complete.

I lay naked on the bed, feel her get off the mattress,

‘open your eyes now’ she says from a distance

I do to find her naked in the doorway,

beautiful and woman in all of her elegance

“Happy Birthday” with a capricious smile

and disappears into the morning sunlight.


time for breakfast.

She Likes the Tease


A smile,

an eager,

eyes roll back,


smile removed for pursed lips

eyes open,

sort of wide,

hair flowing,

head rolls back,

eyes close tight, open again for air,

gasp, lips open, no time for tongue,

simply hanging on,

starting moans,

eyes watching the ceiling,

nothing else, focused on that one tile,

hanging on,


mouth clenched tight, working toward …

eyes roll back, hands reach to hold hair,

then release to grasp the ends of the mattress.

a smile returns,

somewhat bewildered … gasp

resting gasp, one with delicious tones,

a greeting again,

eyes open looking directly,

smile … thankful