I would like to be a writer. I began this site with amorous intentions, and over the course of time, I hope to have evolved as a male in an ever changing society that is today, recognizing the true beauty and elegance of woman. My words and notions will I hope respond in poetic verse of many genre and style. Come along and please share your ideas and insights. Thank you for your visit.

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Take My Heart, Please



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For it is in your hands,

the soft sweet sensual

nature of her demeanor,

a smile that fades in mind.


For it is when we do know love,

the ache inside our body

is enough to want to

stop the motion of life itself.


For it is in this my tears,

I try with all the strength

in my soul,

to understand the freedom.


For it will be forever,

my heart in its organicity

always remembers,

always bleeds a tear.


For it is the silent melody

of a broken heart,

with no mend,

only a haunting silence.


heart ache in damp

gasp, an impulse to end

burn this faded lamp


It happened,

today, while fresh memory brought me a distance,

the shadows revealed loss,

hidden in the crevices of the world I live in.

I couldn’t have predicted such pain,

I wouldn’t know where to explain,

something I can’t tell anyone,

except me,

I sit here,

I’m crying, on the verge of some

loss of sanity,

trying desperately,

I’ll not process this well,

I say to only myself,

because I cannot speak to you, I can’t tell you, I can’t find you,

I can’t hear your voice, your listening eyes, your spontaneity. I can’t.

I don’t know what to do,

beyond just slapping word after word here,

hoping somehow to find a gasp,

a reality of this mixture of ill and loss and some

emotional desperation.

I’m dead,

my heart has exploded inside,

and all I can do is ask it to stop,

so the hurt will go away,

I need the hurt to

go away.

I don’t know,

I’m unsure,

I’m impulsive

in a way that isn’t meant to draw attention,

I just don’t want to live,

with this,

I don’t want to have to recover



I don’t miss


I miss you.

This Place I Never Go

It is dark in its gloomy tone,

I tend to walk past,

always feeling known,

yet able in the light

to find safe passage.


Away from the dark places

in my mind,

those foreboding regions

of despondent hell

where reality laughs

in the face of love.


Tonight I have been asked

to step inside

to slam the door closed

to not ever reach back

for my words

are no longer welcome.


It is a dark place

where fear resides.

That I Survived

These words,

are only redesigned


meant to suggest

some sordid frame of mind.

What event,

outcome, opportunity

might create a sense of


from our reality of life.


When it happened,

I heard stories familiar

to others

that could never apply

to anyone marginal,

only an indication,

a confusion,

a wonderment of

our living soul.


Will we ever understand

a basis of approval,

the sort that prolongs

a life,

beyond visual cues,

an internal clock

boggles the mind,

when the standard suggests

time is relative.


Inside the moment


a mortal choice.

Security in Shadow

(for a friend who recently lost her father)

I used to know you were there,

always, everywhere,

I could count on your heartbeat,

matching my own,

with a spirited tick,

one that suggested

everything will be alright,

count on it.

I’m there and always will be,

right by your side,

to handle the stressors,

give you a shoulder,

provide real laughter,

glance towards the future.

So today, I’m taking a walk,

it is rather delightful,

I hope you might imagine,

there is a light that continues to shine.

All the many years of work

we all put in to becoming ourselves,

there is fruition ahead

i can see that now;

with all of you continuing to strive,

to make your world a better place,

well please children, family, loves

know that,

recognize that,

realize together that,

this just keeps getting better!

Season’s Will

When while the winter storms would barren leave our hearts

engaged with shadows frozen melody, the chafing of ice,

cracking in drifts loom beyond our ability to navigate,

is when hearts might break, soul wonder, imagine

the confusion of arctic air so masterful in chilling grip

on our lives, that we might simply cave to the freedom,

that cold, final moment of acceptance, our frozen selves.


Freeze my mind in the callous nature of forbidden reprieve,

that time you said, ok, we’ll do this, but not for you, only me.

Do you remember how it feels to be the one to catch the ice

falling from above, while the other strolls by observing death.

The defeat of chance to reattain a stature groveling upon callous

icicles as weaponry in the shelterless reality of disconnect.

earth, sadly spoken, eerily known, when all dialogue had begun.


Then sunlight, a thaw, a break in the patterned response of Nature’s

wrath upon the human soul – a gift of manna perhaps with zealot’s love.

We do reach our limbs together in concerted effort to feel, to breathe,

to know life can be a glorious sunrise, a silhouette of delicious envy

drawn with provocative design inside that lair of seductive delight.

We will now that energy, yes, we do will those afternoons of leisure

by the seaside exploring the natural beauty of waves, the sea salt,

the sheer elegance and romance that life in its whole will always give.