NSFW – Adults Only Please – My goal with this page constantly evolves – there was a time when all I wanted was to pique a woman's interest in the hope we connect through writing, dialogue … today, with all of the wonderful inspiration I've received, my need is to further my respect and intrigue in the sensual nature of 'woman' in all of her grace and elegance. I do hope you might enjoy!

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Lost Days

So many days,

countless hours,

I would wait for her,

wishing, sort of hoping,

wondering if she knew

how much I would

want for the need of

wondering how she

felt that day, today,

every day in her world,

I wanted to know,

to imagine,

to see her elegance,

in its grace,

capture the eyes,

the hearts, minds,

the children’s laughter,

every hour

I wanted her to know

she does touch lives,

in a manner,

much like she did touch

my own,

my heart,

my tears,

my yearning for another

moment in her arms,

a touch,

a soft and predictable kiss,

toward a new journey.

Every day

I wanted her to know.


Tonight, I’m only asking,

as much as I know

the answer,

I’m wanting to know.


Oh might I know her touch,

quiet response


let me know

when soft

idle fingertips might draw upon

internal desire

long before an infernal



oh to know she does

in discreet naked

show arousal

a sort of mystique,

smile seductive eyes

’I want you’



the woman with the golden waves

inside an auburn memory.


it was then I felt, believed, wanted her,

the circle if a delicious tease


come together.

Trials In Virtue

Though we might trouble our lives,

though we did,

we know now,

we did,

in adventurous tumult,

while all around our eyes,

there became this silent partner,

always waiting,

to suggest, to know, to understand,

or to simply seemingly suggest,

to recognize,

and yet,

we did continue our journey,

for we knew no other far and away and beyond

the reality of our time,

like a clock,

we did suddenly pause …

Autumn Sky

A color scheme enveloped my rise

glancing through slats

to a world I sometime do not understand.

Yet for the common good of love,

my eyes began to weep,

to know the world beyond my reach.


I have known through trial and error,

the notion of passion,

desire is in my world a wonderful air.

In the morning when I wake

she is in heart,

my soul will ache always without decline.


We walk a slow deliberate mile to learn

the scope of life, the while

of wonder in the hearts of all mankind.

Yet I can feel a blessing in disguise

to know her love,

a sweet shadow I’ll always carry in my eyes.

Comfort Inside

When all around is a soft, woven, security,

one found with an effort beyond quiet musing,

when allowance, lets me

become one with her sensuality.


There is a tenderness in her heart,

I feel the strength of sweet serenity,

her grasp of my reality,

leaves me shaking in splendid ceremony.


I wonder if it can be so simply told,

when two people fall in love,

when other worldly fashions

take the place of societal functions.


I did once, I do so several recall,

sweep the world around me,

only to fall in swoon deep inside,

the internal security of love’s solemnity.


Here is where I belong, I say with fading eyes,

the comfort of her arms hold tight my liberty.



Why Waiting Matters

If there could be a measure of time,

the importance of a want,

turns suddenly toward need.

If in a way a person could bottle their emotions,

so that,

in a minute of an hour,

one might share with another their desire.

Then there would be an answer,

one that might recall a design,

meant to powder the other with love,

meant to be frozen in time.


If there could be another world,

where suddenly I could hold her,

and the skies would brighten,

flowers bloom,

the magic of our horizon

might follow our quiet desires,

so I could shout upon a mountain,

how beautiful is your soul.


If there might be another world …

would you be there?

Glancing Out Windows

There is this place,

I like to be found,

a quiet refuge,

in the middle of everywhere.

A silent partner,

in the journey of being

human in a world of struggle,

always trying to best the man,

the best man,

the groom,

the one that figured

another time.

We all seem to find the same refuge,

when life becomes a slow

old fashioned movie,

the one with Tracy & Hepburn,

perhaps a stranger played the same role,

for whatever reason,

it seems we all spend some hours

glancing out windows,

looking ahead to find the backward trail,

that place our hearts pine for in some silly manner,

believing she might be there too,

waiting for …