I would like to be a writer. I began this site with amorous intentions, and over the course of time, I hope to have evolved as a male in an ever changing society that is today, recognizing the true beauty and elegance of woman. I am also into writing poetry. Come along for the ride.

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When I Love You Moments

Those are when we know,

you holding … me yearning,

we, together, our sweet and always real


in mind and physicality.

You remember right,

waking to touch, me, you,

perhaps, just inside, only for a moment,

then arising patient,

while your hands might rouse my back,

fingernails slow trail wet skin to enlighten me

so subtle to be sure I do realize,

I see first your telling smile,

know then what lies inside our moment while

your hands knead my buttocks, soft tease,

to be sure, I am exploring you,

growing strong in your grasp, delicious.

What we had begun and run with in mad passion,

leaves us sweaty and alive and in each other’s eyes …

napping is delightful within your reach..

I Would, You, Slow

I would,

reach behind you,

discreet in line,

my body covering


vision in the morning,

with my fingertips,

tease fabric along your side,

to feel for lines,

and realize none …

I would stand closer,

in the now crowded line,

allows us to merge

in a manner,

a public liaison

my hands now moved

behind, your naked


that I know from touch,

when I move

closer, my hard reality,

touching your stoic


the line moves,

you step forward,

I’m exposed,

in pleated slacks,

my hand falls away naturally,

yet still I recall,

the fabric of your dress,

mixing with your lustre,

my hand wants more,

I step closer,

and glance at your long hair,

hiding your eyes from me,

I can’t imagine why,

they would look nearly,

orgasmic, a male perspective.


Of course I lean in,

you push back sudden,

I know now you want this,

I center my cock inside

your natural cleave, draped buttocks,

naked skin, wrapped in silk,

If you step away

my cock will expose my desire,

still safely pressing against my slacks,

I do though, want to push you against the counter,

fuck you slowly, while your body shakes,

I want to watch the barista’s eyes tremble,

as he notices your lips suddenly quiver,

with passion, your hands pressed

on the glossed granite ,

riding out the moment,

taking me inside all the while,

as we wait,

we want, we need, we wait,

for our morning coffee,

the barista now smiles with confidence,

‘Can you hold on a little longer’

he says as I slide inside your fantasy.


My hands are trembling from holding your hips,

more … soft groans with gasps …

the sexy aroma of coffee

permeates the room in

surreal blend …


You  take a step,


The First Time

Hot summer sands,

on a beach,

young and teen,

learning how to tan,

she laid nearby,

an upper class woman,

in red bikini,

stunning and aroused,

she let me share her world,

as I laid nearby,

after a few minutes,

I rolled over to my stomach,

safer that way.

yet, it was here I became fascinated,

knew what I loved,

her nipples peeked through satin

fabric made my lips moist,

a natural expression

of my human need,

animalistic desires,

rampant abandon,

she turned on her side,

towards me and her breasts

enhanced her bikini,

filling my eyes,

as my own desire,

burrowed further

digging deep

in the sand.