NSFW – Adults Only Please – My goal with this page constantly evolves – there was a time when all I wanted was to pique a woman's interest in the hope we connect through writing, dialogue … today, with all of the wonderful inspiration I've received, my need is to further my respect and intrigue in the sensual nature of 'woman' in all of her grace and elegance. I do hope you might enjoy!

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Stunning Appraisal

When given license to explore

regions a man may only imagine,

when allowance a fingertip

might cause an unraveling passion,

there is little need for explanation,

only the source is a lovely fluid

motion, gives the senses reason

to entice that aspect of humanity,

will explosions enhance our climax.


There is a vague reality in the distinction

between love and sex. Where one

decides a motive is a self-driven

journey, another  wishes only pleasure

to manifest itself in the eyes of a lover.

It is that deep delight when cast upon

our actions, when a touch, a twirl,

a slow methodical insertion can wake

that nirvana is delightful in presence.


Would that we might repeat ourselves

again, yes, once more, please, again, a

twilight response to evening’s reason.

Would that her desire begin to move,

as he himself feels this energy untapped.

Again, again, again, rest, taste, touch, breathe

a gasp will be suggestive in her eyes, his

draw to bring alive a new utterance,

a kiss, lips, alive we wish, please … again.


A fragrance,

when in a crowd is subtle,


her presence magical.

To touch petal to cause gasp,

soft, supple, caress her center

like a weeping rise of sweet dew

draw further inside to arouse a nectar

whose flow indicates a parting

a place to find rushing waves

passion plays a possessive

desire to own,

to want,


I do want to run a fingertip along your lines,

a slow travel to feel your open bloom,

to suggest a quiet sensuality

would I be soon to taste that peace,

that place where desire and motion become

drawn out until the final release,

like that of a firm yet bending stem,

just strong enough to hold force

until Nature’s burst

overflows my eyes …

Sweep away to find your own eyes,

a look of surreal yearning,

having found the center,

and now,

we rest in each other’s arms,

the scent of your rose breathe free.

Chocolate and Sex

Eyes closed

I can taste you,

syrup runs my cheeks,

I will stay here and let my tongue

melt you

soothe my slow slide


so damn good

wrap my teeth around your center,

a sip of simple pleasure,

why not reach inside to find the fruit,

that piece, that pie, that nougat, that you,

gasp, lips wet

ready to chew, yet only gently,

just to peal the edge of your need,

waiting, wanting, whisper such a tease

that your body may react to the breeze.

I want you to melt me with your desire,

taste me, twirl me, my fingertips have now …

wet, explosive journey inside,

time for that sweet sensational

eye roll


swallow me, voracious now,

I will lick chocolate off your lips

while I kiss your beauty.

Hungry mouths anticipate

a longer sojourn of sweet pleasure.

I Think About Her Eyes

When I’m alone,

I imagine her,

sweet repose,

wandering fingertips,

basking in a quiet afternoon light,




yet there is a lovely nuance in how

imaginative she might be.


Without me, or him, or she, or anyone else

that might design their own authenticity,

she is only her favorite touch,

her quiet remedy,

an aromatic, delicious, eyes closed,

a tap, a sweet response,

her gasp envelop the streaming sunlight,

with contact upon naked skin,

allows that heat to resonate beyond

her fantasy.


She is beauty and grace,

the natural lines of serenity,

with pause for a dynamic focus,

she smiles there,

moves on to her next surprise.

She may imagine,

flowers in a meadow in spring,

perhaps, a morning, when lingerie,

caressed her state of mind –

in every drop of innocence she writhes.


To touch woman in her beauty,

is to grace the skyward valley of love,

to know truth in why man might exist,

if only,

to gather in the radiance, her design,

that which drives the mind,

beyond the hope to the actual release,

that moment, that explosive, unbridled

need to go further, go beyond, pressing need

will draw her bath as we float through life together.


There is real beauty in painted portraits in motion,

yet elegance exists while in quiet repose … her eyes.



When We Tango

My internal need feeds

upon her nakedness

shoulders respond to breeze

wet with willful pause taste desire,

gasps bring naked bodies together,

a dance moves in constant form

thigh grinds her center while he does feel

her ankles pulling his chest close,

nipple in mouth, now fingers finding her lower back,

the heat below is a tease,

she chuckles knowing he could slide in,

‘damn him’ grasps his length with gentle bite.


The small of her back arched to a tongue in motion,

her buttocks offer life to his chest as he reaches her neck,

winds around a waiting naked sound,

she drives him toward her,

he lifts her wet beauty,

only to test her now – three fingers that slide freely,

a moan,

please let me play with you for a bit longer,

her tongue speaks in circular tones,

her hands now immediate,

stroking while she wets his desire,

he turns her, his hands cupping her breasts,

pulls her to his chest,

head thrown back so she can have his lips,

teeth biting … shoulders, her mouth searching for his,

a lift and we’re inside

ready to ride …

tango tonight.

Reversal’s Venus

We are in a constant role

to play the advocate,

understand the dynamic,

realize the consequence,

of a passionate trial.

We might suggest that he

takes over the moment,

when really we wonder,

does he know that underneath

that submission, her own

needs are truly being

blown away by the chaotic

release of her unbridled

desire to have him lead

his divine toward

her delicious garden.


For that is the case

when one time she

cried, a soft gasp

with uttered pleas,

she suggested he

might ‘detain’ her

by acquiescent play.

Allow his mind to

embrace the notion of

control, a giving,

the playful nature

that defines her soul,

his wrath, her elegance.


Sans the one

the other surely

lose his grip.

What I Need

Walk inside the room, wherever you may be,

gently lay my hands on your shoulders,

smile through your confusion,

without thought of what it is I am wanting,

start with my lips on your neck,

slowly unwrapping you,

while I let go of what I believe

I need from you,

while my hands reach to your love,

caress, touch, responsive need …

When you do finally turn my way,

for a moment our eyes reach inside,

while I smile, and you begin,

I will follow your naked elegance,

until reaching a gasp,

I might lift you onto a table,

spread your legs slowly while my mouth devours

every part of that you give me,

until I might watch your reach

for something to grasp

while I define your need.

I wonder if you might help me.


*picture found on pinterest