I would like to be a writer. I began this site with amorous intentions, and over the course of time, I hope to have evolved as a male in an ever changing society that is today, recognizing the true beauty and elegance of woman. My words and notions will I hope respond in poetic verse of many genre and style. Come along and please share your ideas and insights. Thank you for your visit.

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Finding My Edge

Man sitting on the rock. Norway.

I wish I might

forsake the truth in evening light

oh if this were night

photo – Pinterest

In The Quiet of Reality

I spoke of this lifestyle,

this world,

a free state of mind,

a peace,

brought upon my heart by the lush wood,

the certain flavor of natural tones

in a sunlit meadow,

we create our own.


I once began to wonder how long,

the summer might last,

before the pangs of autumn and a distant chill

took upon itself,

a need to emphasize sweet faith,

the ability to ride the crest of surreal storms.


In recent days, I do recall,

the beauty of her elegance,

a certainty in genuine love,

the sort we dream about,

when looking through the trees,

on a sunlit afternoon.

When A Kiss May Stir

A soft, guided unveiling,

disrobed awareness,

perhaps a cosmic wonder,

though sometime so unfair.


When lips touch,

feel a gentle breeze,

encompasses my mind,

an utterance would please.


I reach, wonder, draw near,

her lips melt my own,

while time drifts past,

the evening becomes our own.


It is this place I desire,

to know is real, beyond

what imagination I feel,

left alone, in wander.


I am curious inside my mind,

trapped in a solo love affair,

wishing only to know,

if what I believe is true.


Is my love so powerful,

every waking day,

I’m left nearly inconsolable,

waiting to take her away.


Is it refutable,

to imagine our lives

so mistakenly forlorn,

such beauty in hearts torn.


I once asked a question,

now, forever, seems

a tenable solution,

though only in my dreams.

In Speaking to God

I asked Him today,

how it is He measures,

His way,

like walking into a department store,

asking the clerk,

could you tell me which way.

I suppose they might lead you to the chosen …

wait a second I would say,

that’s supposed to be His plan.


When she got in the car, she was happy,

almost giddy her mood, smiling,

eyes did sparkle in a way,

that did let me feel her emotion,

and then I caught her reflection,

walking in to get her coffee,

her smile had turned to concern …

when she returned we did talk about why.


I asked her carefully, and while she said,

she didn’t know,

I listened to her breathing, suddenly halting

when then the tears began,

she told me,

it couldn’t be this way,

she needed …

and I completely understood,

we watched the sky create wonderful pictures,

to allow our imagination to stretch across the world.


I held her close for a time,

it seemed like only a second or two,

I wanted to forever,

so I might feel her breathing,

begin to settle inside my arms,

I knew I couldn’t though,

I at least had that moment, we knew that moment,

we cared about only having that moment.


He knew she would be ok.

In Morning Song

I listened this morning,

the forest outside my window,

come to life, the wetlands,

creatures beyond my eyes would sing,

to suggest that beauty is inherent,

beyond the scope of my humanity.


I wished your energy to carry that soul,

the delightful ambience outside our control,

in that moment,

of self examination,

if we can sometime, step beyond ourselves,

a bigger picture,

makes allowance,

some spiritual guidance,

though we oft forget a grasp,

will protect our being with eternal grace.


I lay in linens,

listened to the song,

imagined you near me,

so I might hold you through the storm,

and capture your tears in my lips,

a smile,

your eyes,

to know this life is beautiful.


I lay for the moment,

knowing the impact of your world,

how his delightful smile,

is always waiting your quiet caress,

he is your remarkable miracle,

and it his energy belongs in your arms.

His music is your love.


I listened to the sounds of nature for awhile,

always hearing your precious gift,

I am grateful to know,

it is your undying energy,

does touch our soul.

While Taking A Walk

I thought about reason,

for we always seem to want the wonder

accompanies our passions,

our impulses,

our dedicated desire.


I remember as a child with eyes of wonder,

just glancing toward a forest,

wondering the depths, beyond the surface design,

and I knew I might never understand,

until stepping inside, gingerly,

mother nature of course would wish

this humanity be mindful.


I thought about time,

and it continued to pass me by

even if standing still,

I recognize this is where I belong.


In the confusion of a certain philosophy,

we might all know our truths

are meant to  embrace love

in respect to a societal suggestion,

lets our hearts unveil the wondrous passion

that exists in a quiet solace,

only to be recognized in the shortest of dreams,

those meant to contain infinite parallels.



When Knowing Love is Beautiful

I cried tonight, as when I do, I think of you,

I imagine sunrises, kisses, cascading hair,

the white linen covers your form,

that beauty I can reach with my hand and touch,

from toe to reveal a naked shoulder, and I can dream,

because you are my landscape, my beautiful horizon.


How is it the eloquent nature of your world compels

me to want more, to surround myself in your love.

How do you find simple pleasure in obscure scripts,

ones that seem to be written for two lovers

leaves me in these swallowing tears that let me dream,

believe I can hold you in my arms and escape my pain.


“The world will surprise you with its Grace, if you let it.”


I look around my world and everything is surreal,

I wait and think that somehow, something might echo

a true purpose, a reason for being, an ok sort of reckoning.

I try to keep a simple look at the complications preoccupy me,

and then I think of you, and I watch another comparison,

knowing I’m the one searching for your eyes …


“Je t’aime, for the record.”


It is true there is a spiritual bond, a force beyond ourselves,

holds magic out of sight, when mind rely upon mystique,

yours is my dream, the place I go at night when alone,

I’m next to you, holding you, catching your tears, so that later,

you might wipe away my own, sweet gasp, there is love.


“They say that no love is perfect, but they never met you.”


I’m inspired because I love you.


* all quotes borrowed from the movie, 5 to 7.