I would like to be a writer. I began this site with amorous intentions, and over the course of time, I hope to have evolved as a male in an ever changing society that is today, recognizing the true beauty and elegance of woman. I am also into writing poetry. Come along for the ride.

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hands hover

eyes close

wonder where we wander

close enough to

yet just nearby

feel me, feel you,

her, him, each

engaged, erotic, enticing

senses alive feel

I want you to,

yet, wait, I too

want to play,


to imagine just how


held hands

eyes need


Where Hands Rest

A sunny afternoon mix with window pane glitter,

his hand would rest well between her breasts,

the fabric upon sweet skin a tease in her rest

lying back against his chest feels so much better


A nap in slumber he will feel her fingertips slide

then once upon him she does a quiet grasp

if when she wants she might she would, clasp

her hand around his whole, his desire to ride


awakens a mellow smile, their lips now caress,

his free hand moves again taste certain heat

she writhes, grin, a gasp, a stroke, eyes meet

mystique becomes a moment, his hand, her dress


When hands can find beauty in a quiet privacy

perform surreal lover’s rise, only their hands see

I Want

I want you to look at me

like you want to want me.

I want you to walk to me,

unbuckle me with your eyes

I want you to slide your hand

inside, while you look at me.

I want you to pull my shirt

apart; with vicious eyes.

I want you to yank my

I want you to yank my jeans

to the floor and grab my hard

grab me hard, bite my chin,

stroke my cock with a vengeance.

I want you to make it clear

I want you to want me!

Fantasy Play

Would it be a shiver,

indeed, the very touch of your skin,

against mine in the quiet sunset of our lives.

would that all of my desire, my passion,

might respond to your intrigue, lest any reservation,

only sheer sensuality, unbridled to reach so high,

in discretion, we imagine, yet in the public eye,

only mine and yours do we seek more attention.

In mild contrast, we tease each other’s eye,

a sensation of fantasy, a stroll along the telephone wire,

old friends whose mind wild with desire

contain themselves with their own delicious

retreat into a touch, an afterthought,

a conversation with physical response,

yet, together in their own separation,

the safety of climax might reach or may play a song,

long wound in rhythmical pace,

drawing strong the need to become

one with each other

across the world.


To be there

is a remarkable reality.

It would mean, being given

your complete desire,

passionate release,

your eyes when they look in mine,

would say yes.

To be inside of you,

doesn’t simply happen with touch,

with gasps leading to a culmination

of our writhing bodies,

soaked in perspiration while

our desires let us lose ourselves.

To be with you is to know,

that while we were reckless, we were

certainly bringing ourselves to a new horizon,

a surreal place  where our physicality

provides an access to our mind’s eye.

Wild Reality of Arousal


if you close your eyes,

imagine her for a moment,

just as she is,

her body reclines without interruption,

perhaps completely naked,

she is so very attractive,

add a shade of lingerie,

perhaps a grey with a fabric suggestive,

I think now she is attractive

while becomes enticing.

Imagine, eyes still closed,

reclined in that settee that I love,

a dash of sweet lingerie could be anywhere,

yet now it simply is there, mingling with her skin,

that very connection the slide of grey along her naked skin,

will begin to create a sensation.

Gather in your hands a new fabric of silk,

and while her aroused form turns to allow her own resulting pleasure,

his hands drape the silk, let’s color her olive as the fabric

drifts atop the sudden air of novelty to land

across her bodice while open legs create a crevice of soft touch,

glance now at her eyes, she is awakened by this noise,

the sweet inner chaos of specific moves to alight her skin,

then that smile – perhaps a kiss with caramelized lips,

the sort that open her eyes to a certain delicious taste,

the reality of arousal.

Traveling In Rhythm


photo found on pinterest


I want to talk about you, your reaction,

eyes, lips in a sweet quiver, that gasp,

moment of lost delight where your heart

begins a pace, a wanton release,

a remarkable moment of reckoning.

When I wish to imagine, I feel you,

waves writhing while we begin,

long after the play, the intrigue,

perhaps a long and enduring kiss,

with eyes bright inside our soul,

then collapsing within the intimate

nature of creating such surreal tone.

Yet, let’s go back to the road,

where we do meet together

in ready fashion,

your open waves of comfort

turn wild abandon as we do

together let risk move us beyond

the initial testing ground, perhaps.

We are there now, reaching,

climbing, like a surreal travel

through the rainforest of bliss,

such thoughts that ask freely

let me connect with the nature of you.

Let us please wonder in our gasp.