NSFW – Adults Only Please – My goal with this page constantly evolves – there was a time when all I wanted was to pique a woman's interest in the hope we connect through writing, dialogue … today, with all of the wonderful inspiration I've received, my need is to further my respect and intrigue in the sensual nature of 'woman' in all of her grace and elegance. I do hope you might enjoy!

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Lives Travel

To be so close,

a step in this direction,

a quiet moment of reflection,

to know nearby,

an energy,


her grace and subtle tear,

so very poignant, apparent,

a purposeful posit of love.


Two cosmic travels ago,

we did our lives intersect,

that moment,

the visual notice of each other,

in a familiar setting,

so close,

enough to reach and touch each other’s

long quieted soul.

Oh, to know that moment

has changed my world forever,

in that eternal schema

of what is matter,

and how does chance include

the absolute of our

sweet reckoning.


I am here,

as are you,


my heart intersects the lines of sweet

innocence plays the strings of our lives.

Sensual Dream

When I close my eyes,

I feel


that simple grace,

in a moment,

when all of my desire,

seems centered,


the sweet nectar of passion,

soft, supple, sensual

a wanton blend of

yes, this is me,

and I am with you


this moment,

captured in an eternal surreal memory.

To reach,

to find, explore,

in a caress, in a sweet travel,

while our horizon remains the same,

inside our own quiet remedy,

is a journey,

only responsive to each other.


Show me please …

your eyes.


Standing in Place

No longer running,

done that far too often,

seeing landscapes and wondering why,

same visual attractions,

and yet,

solutions are found



A waiting game

I suppose,

yet, I’m tiring, the run

is far too long.

I’ve decided to stand,

find the absolute rather than

any alternative meaning.


I knew

when days would go by,

upon my return,

the complexity of this,

our rendering,

would change,

like a gentle breeze

might alter blossoms

inside the rite of spring.


I wonder if

while the speaker knows,

the listener can realize,

even when believing the answer

is right,

the solution is necessary,

I am still left curious,

wanting to understand,

whether time permits,

or shatters sweet imagery.


I just know

for the moment,

though it is meant as

real reality,

I’m standing alone,





Last Night I Cried

It was afterward,

When the dust did settle,

When alone in my quiet,

I did recall,

Not just the time, that was sweet,

More the opportunity,

To know, to love, to understand …


Beauty is not simply what we see,

It is the embody of all,

Every aspect of whom we believe,

Might show desire, a passion, a sense,

Always dignity, always integrity,

Inside our heart

We discover in those moments soft,

We do recognize truth.


So when the tears came,

I wasn’t shy

As much as I did only rely,

On the reality of my tears,

They were designed for you,

For her, for now, for the moment,

That we could suddenly feel,

This was the real our tears,

Now streaming, allowed the two of us,

To love.

When A Kiss May Stir

A soft, guided unveiling,

disrobed awareness,

perhaps a cosmic wonder,

though sometime so unfair.


When lips touch,

feel a gentle breeze,

encompasses my mind,

an utterance would please.


I reach, wonder, draw near,

her lips melt my own,

while time drifts past,

the evening becomes our own.


It is this place I desire,

to know is real, beyond

what imagination I feel,

left alone, in wander.


I am curious inside my mind,

trapped in a solo love affair,

wishing only to know,

if what I believe is true.


Is my love so powerful,

every waking day,

I’m left nearly inconsolable,

waiting to take her away.


Is it refutable,

to imagine our lives

so mistakenly forlorn,

such beauty in hearts torn.


I once asked a question,

now, forever, seems

a tenable solution,

though only in my dreams.

In Wanders of Love

I think I discovered something today,

or perhaps it was meant to arrive this way,

I always do wonder,

I wander through my day, in a curious state,

always asking myself,

what is it I really believe is love …


Yes, it is there I stumble,

trying to find a reason, an explanation,

it is then my intellect does begin,

to kick in, sometimes wanting to kick my teeth in,

I am in a constant state of explanation,

finding comfort in my own

awkward destination.


Perhaps it is there I must begin again,

to reason is not to win,

to accept is seemingly a sufficient path,

a road to travel,

a lesser evil to our constant desire,

to rearrange the coarse gravel is our lives.


Much like while in the forest green,

does my mind reflect upon my love for her,

in the peaceful setting,

of this wild wood beyond my own easy grasp,

a place of certain fear and terror,

if lost inside the mechanic of the human mind.


Appears before me then a glen,

a rushing water does certain reach its end,

to flow inside surreal landscape, offers a peace to my eye,

I would sit here to rest my mind,

to imagine the beauty surround,

a bird with winged departure,

leaves me with song,

immediately then it is her beauty is in my eye.


So, I do wander, while the visual wonder of the sky,

does in my mind ask me always,

what is the question why,

and who is the reason I would choose to cry,

to laugh, to design, to give urgency, to know it is joy,

that could cause my need to cry.


Perhaps it might be only that simple,

as does the scholar suggest there is no reason why,

only then do we begin,

to know, to see, to inevitably feel,

the euphoria of wanting to sigh,

in the eye of love,

is to know we might find a departur from


whereby we can then land our soul,

nearby, our psyche,

for the taking …


For it is not our own device to master,

only the wonder of her,

it is such the honey of her lips,

the sensation in arousal of her skin,

harmony in caress, the loss of control

begins to take over the essence of whole …


And when it is we let it begin,

this is love.

When Tears Will Not Form

It is that day I do fear,

when in looking in her eyes,

I will seek, I will cry,

yet I will not discover any tear.


When we know our lives have gone,

to a new horizon, a simple reality,

then yes it will be my sanity,

discovers I have been granted a newer dawn.


I wonder sometimes if it is just me,

alone in my own paradise,

wanting only to show her I am wise,

and yet, the day is gone, I’ve set her free.


I want to cry, to cleanse my soul,

though I’d rather not ever allow

this feeling she provides me now

to manifest itself in a defined role.


I want your moment with me again,

to follow the urgency of love,

to know that questions remain above

our own tendency to understand when.


In the shadows of our sweet memory,

lay the foundation of accepting this we.