Speaking to Silence


choose words that would

convey meaning

in eyes when together.


questions arise

only in the mind

how to say.


did this accentuate

shattered fragments

that remain in a heart


might a word possibly

speak to misery

enough for a reader


to wonder why

she hears a cry

each morning try


today though she knows just where

yet wanders outside into the cold

knowing still … will he always try.

Trying To Find Her

Oh the effort is clear

for someone so dear

one might wander all

the reason of love we call


our own heart has an ache

we feel it with ever stake

of scrutiny our mind compels

when wonder silent tells


I walked outside in arctic

waves, freezing is so cryptic

to know our lives in balance

hang before our only chance


I’m lounging in the sea you see

wanting only my mind to be free


Being told of loss

words become secondary

the heart May scream


For a dream

must contain

love, its mystique


eyes open in shelter

yet outside a wild

fury of natural passion


will wait, does wait, can wait

good morning tearful eyes.


~ finding my way, a personal journey ~

for Zelda

The Sensuality of Words

I used to read them all the time,

and then one day

they began to pour out of my mind

always looking

always trying to find the right rhythm

then one day,

in a fit of tears I realized

I couldn’t feel the words I wanted,

or I couldn’t hear the passion,

or I knew that life was just not the same,

so the words,

the beauty of such sensuality,

an erotic dream,

an imagined fantasy,

beautiful story in lovely minds,

her eyes, his physique,

their anonymous unbridled sexuality

were no longer mine

to create

inside the mystique of my own quiet beauty

her beauty,

her unimaginable humility,

her remarkable silence

has given me reason

to know love is forever,

yet, I will not travel in the same surreptitious

lanes I once found comforting,

I’ll alone

know there is truth in the elegance of a word.

Writing Is All I Have

I cannot touch you,

the reach is beyond a starry night

when the winds change

I can feel the loneliness ahead.


I took your picture down,

not to avoid looking at you,

just to give you peace,

my own well being a sweet demon.


If I cannot find a word

I write my own,

scratch out an idea,

replace it with anything new,


Anything that might help me lose

this urgency drives me to return,

so writing,

words are again and again and again


reminders and solace and love and respect,

desire and passion and worry and

unmet expectations

always asking, just, asking ….

When Now Stood Silent

When wonders arose

spoken philosophy

would we ever notice

moonlight again.


Standing on certain principle

would love really matter

if in the end,

a soul began to unravel


He might recommend

some nuance in compare

yet never would the moment

translate toward his delusion


keep in mind the word

meant clearly to aggravate

as in love we all sacrifice

what is real in fantasy


Only soft recall allows such beauty

When now sweet dream stood silent

Last Forever

This place reminds me one time

in the middle of a summer rain

we lay about our lives alone

inside the silence of our eyes.


You wake, I woke, we spoke of

those immediate wants we

knew might suggest we did

yet somehow could we live


forever in a dream, a state of mind

yet your eyes always told the truth,

and I couldn’t stand to know,

so I tried, though I always cried.


It seems apparent, seems forever

a lasting memory is all the matter



I Lost My Way

There was this charm

gave smile,

a sunny day,

quiet in our arms

we would

perhaps lunch in the park,

remember chocolates

and smiles,

so often did our laughter

take us together

to this place

no one else really even needed



The moment was ours

we kept things quiet

yet passion,

a certain mystique

she my muse

me her smile,

we did love

we knew love

we swore love


we found forever


until one winter night,

in the shuddering chill

we held hands

we let go.