I would like to be a writer. I began this site with amorous intentions, and over the course of time, I hope to have evolved as a male in an ever changing society that is today, recognizing the true beauty and elegance of woman. I am also into writing poetry. Come along for the ride.

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Simple Freedom

When knowing her freedom

is resolute in quiet integrity

is definable in spontaneity

is wonderful to allow natural sigh

is forever intertwined in truth.


Though while allowance gave peace

he did respond to certainty

he would revel in her elegance

he might also known the truth, real,

is assurance human condition feels.


While life has simple turns and memory

his complication her beauty

the mystique when touch her cheek,

his lips, back of fingertip,

when eyes wet rest upon her soul ,,,


Will whisper now freedoms in simple love

In Such A Low

my mother would reference this place,

a sort of mental ravine,

her heart might nearly stop,

eyes would glaze?

blood flow in her feigns might suddenly,

spill into one pool of spun lethargy.

This was not a place

she liked to be,

she’d often howl at the nature

of love and all it’s failings.


yet, she never discovered a solution?

only knew when inside?

not a lesser degree of pain

could ever exist.


where my mother was always never to pull the plug,

I might decide otherwise,

though my freedom would be sought?

there leaves a ring of memory,

clinging to everyone’s personal psyche.

Sweet Seduction Seed

We would

if to imagine

grow a bountiful green

with desire’s energy.

Plant a seed

to know passion

will certainly have blossom,

will breathe the beauty of release.

When while our mind

compels fantasy toward time

our lives welcome the seduction,

that playful reminder rewind.

A swift garment slide surreal

precious an internal fire

will ignite all we recognize

to be climactic to the touch.

We are that readied force

of human nature in fruition

when lust intertwined create

explosive reality, soft serenade.

When now hearts

settle quiet

to utter



Summer Children

Do you remember,

the times when we were free,

we walked the river bank,

naked and free,

we were in this thing together,

without any need for shelter,

open to the temperatures,

the passion of wintry mindsets,

just over the hillside,

but here now in the forest dense,

just you and me,

we were splashing the water on naked skin,

holding hands,


wanting to imagine nothing else

but this being forever.

Stand here awhile,

I need to forget about something else for a …

I will be back to find you again.

How Might a Sunrise …

I will not look for you,

as i know

you are always there in word,

my hope to show

remains in a quiet



For while shadows

do appear,

by Grace your eloquent nature

will forever

embrace my



I will be patient

set free

the wild abandon held within

in dusk, dream

present is a mind



In sweet energy

know this,

that beauty delights the eye

when sudden

a visit here


Summer Play

Well traveled

in eyes yearning

a sunrise coupled with

red sky at night

heats moments, thoughts,


A certain freedom to play

while the world around

dons delightful adornments

all for the moment

the pleasure

the caress

of a warm summer day

moving into night

where the human condition’s


skin seeks sensual touch

a fever of eloquent evenings

strung together by the mind …

Freedom remains

while the skies turn autumn

sensing obligations

to return to a well,

mechanical venture

all drawn into a desire

for that next summer play.