I Lost My Way

There was this charm

gave smile,

a sunny day,

quiet in our arms

we would

perhaps lunch in the park,

remember chocolates

and smiles,

so often did our laughter

take us together

to this place

no one else really even needed



The moment was ours

we kept things quiet

yet passion,

a certain mystique

she my muse

me her smile,

we did love

we knew love

we swore love


we found forever


until one winter night,

in the shuddering chill

we held hands

we let go.

This Being The Year

my decision made,

I went many years

living this

imagining this

something that never became


I met you

I realized truth

I went through hell one time

I swore I never would again

now here we see

this is our destiny


Leaving again she said

listen to the winds

they are meant to be …


I cannot agree

the selfish part of me

gave myself

now I am alone


The winds of change

were not meant for you and me

The winds of change mean


stay this one together …

this being the year


~ I’ve found my way ~

goodbye my love

Talking About Sex and Love


We differ,

men and women,


so I’ve been told,

in a sort of scold,


We differ in sex and love

I would argue,

giving her my love

is probably

a vulnerable move.


We differ in how we understand

the other might respond,

the other has a plan,

when in silence,

we stand now alone


We were once the same

if only, a silent interlude

~ finding my way, a personal journey ~

photo found on pinterest