NSFW – Adults Only Please – My goal with this page constantly evolves – there was a time when all I wanted was to pique a woman's interest in the hope we connect through writing, dialogue … today, with all of the wonderful inspiration I've received, my need is to further my respect and intrigue in the sensual nature of 'woman' in all of her grace and elegance. I do hope you might enjoy!

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Sunlight Serenade

Those are the days,

afternoons, the twilight beckoning a red sky,

it is the morning after,

while the children play, the people in their privacy

imagine a softer tone, a melody, a crystal montage,

cascades the mind with brilliance, enticing energy.


Walked outside today in an array of surreal,

the heat a fire on my skin,

the people nearby with an extra step,

all gloominess aside,

there is a rendezvous with beauty,

awaiting anyone across any avenue.


I would stand the heat,

play with the magical sense of this mystique,

turns heads, allows fantasy, creates


I would stand upon the highest ridge,

to only proclaim the beauty of this


I would give her my heart, my soul

already being cradled inside the mystery of time.

Oh to know the response her sweet manner

will give the world around,

when in quiet repose,

she does dance elegant

letting the rays of heat’s sensuality

light her center on fire.



Always In View


Has time

While always

Age a constant.

Reminders again

Oh the glance of beauty

Quiet lives decide upon

Memory surreal, eyes closed

A gasp will reconcile a caution

Certain agonies – societal flaws.

Weather skylines seduce serenity

Places we traveled find new solace

She looked away – follow design

An occasional glance may

Produce a nostalgic cry.

Sweet memory remain

I look everywhere,

Muse fantasy


I smile



Accentuate Love (for her elegance)


Screen Shot 2017-03-19 at 11.25.54 PM

Will love find an emphatic listener

One whose compassionate ear apparent.

Will love know that eyes tenacious assure

A beheld classic character lives current.


When far beyond initial giddiness,

Two lovers begin a slow resonate

Sojourn drawn with a climactic oneness.

Such that a skeptic eye knows not innate.


Thunderstorms and slow spring showers alert

Their kindred hearts to woo romantic tears.

The sadness of onlookers left inert

To their passion of which the two know fears.


Yet while eternal fire ignite release

Hers, a magical mystique be his peace

There Is A Reality


When sometime a day suspend imagination,

We do encounter some spiritual reckoning,

If an allowance, if desire, if even trepidation

Exists – create a passionate heart string.


We all do in life know limits suggest a listen

A tantalizing tool toward traveling light,

Calls upon sweet eyes that sometime glisten

When we come face to face with the night.


In a spectacular glance beyond sure normalcy

Lies certain beauty, perhaps life’s embrace

Grants an assurance God wonders diplomacy,

In so fragile our omniscience, gentle Grace.


Oh to scream the infallibility of love’s guidance,

Oh somber is the gentile nature of sweet chance.


*  Photo found on Pinterest

Please play REM’s ‘Everybody Hurts’ in the background.

Sweet Serenade

I have recall,

quiet moments befall

me in a vulnerable state of mind,

in the moments that do remind

my soul to ache with remarkable fire,

the source of which her heart is desire.


In sweet solace,

a marble palace

exists to hold strong eternal

memory in a privacy internal

surely the elegance of her imagination

alive with strength, a sublime emotion.


In certain pleasure

would I only treasure

her grace in manner to compel

me the mystique a delicious spell

overwhelming and surely forgotten

By such that would be left forsaken.


Yet dance a quiet serenade of repose

would I if could sweet privacy expose.

Just Walking

I would wonder,

with a brief glance,

a quiet fantasy while alongside

the waterfall,

the foundation remained secure,

pillars of routine

everyone around each other

frozen in time.

Yet your water, the soul of desire

an essence in fragrant bloom,

we might imagine passion,

waiting for her eyes,

when inside

cascades the afterthought,

too far to touch in human form,

yet beautiful in every manner.

Take me for a walk with you,

let me inside, I want to know the shape

of your own need,

something later on called a fantasy.

Can I be included,

I will swim to you

deliberate motions,

a smile, then eyes,

then physicality,

we may never be able to reach,

yet the exhilarating notion of

finding home,


that might satisfy any

lonesome wanderer,

out seeking Nature,

the beauty of her.

Grace in Human Form

Live alive in society a fluid motion

Our artistry as human often a notion


What we imagine to be

simplistic form beyond the scope

of the human condition.


When little we imagine

beauty inherent in effort

while we seek ideal


We cannot overlook that

Grace she will carry with her in

any movement, any shadow.


Why then do we demand,

delight, desire, derive our own …

such satisfaction diminish.


Hers is a remarkable peace whose essence

in body such mystique breathes innocence.


Photographer – Allen Parseghian

Dancer / Model – Svetlana Bednenko